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Angel Investor

An angel investor is an individual who provides financial support and guidance to start-up companies or early-stage ventures in exchange for an ownership stake or equity in the company. Angel investors are typically wealthy individuals who are willing to invest their own capital in high-risk, high-potential ventures in order to earn a return on their investment. Angel investors provide funding to companies at a critical stage of their development when traditional sources of financing, such as banks or venture capital firms, may not be available. In addition to providing financial support, angel investors also offer their expertise, knowledge, and networks to help the companies they invest in succeed. Angel investors typically invest smaller amounts of money compared to venture capital firms, and they may be more willing to take on greater risk in exchange for potentially higher returns. They are often seen as a key source of funding for entrepreneurs who are looking to turn their ideas into viable businesses, and they can play an important role in supporting innovation and economic growth.

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