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2021 Update

Hello Everyone!

Our New Year’s resolution is to continue to improve contact with the friends of GSD and to provide you with more ground-floor opportunities to invest and advise hot tech companies in AI, Quantum Computing, and other leading technologies from around the world.

Below is a link to our recent accelerator demo day. It will lead to a summary of the companies and a link to their pitches. Simply select the company you are interested in connecting with.

2020 was a transformative year.

When GSD Venture Studios initially started we focused on building a bridge between Eastern Europe and Silicon Valley by acting as a bridge and landing spot, using Gary’s Unicorn expertise and his experience working in Russia since 1992.

We successfully co-founded multiple companies achieving a $2m run rate up to a $100m pipeline. As a result companies from other countries began to inquire if they could partner with GSD Venture Studios. Derek had experience setting up “chapters” working with Bunker Labs. We created MOUs setting up GSD of Oxford, GSD of Jakarta, and GSD of Singapore, and are in deep talks with Turkey, Dubai, and others. Read more about GSD’s expansion opportunities here. To realize the mission that intellectual capacity is evenly spread throughout the world but the opportunity is not, we must have locations around the world capturing the top tech-talent and turning them into US companies.

We currently have portfolio companies from South America, Western Europe, and are in deep discussions in Korea, Africa, Singapore, India and Australia.

GSD Labs

We also launched a Go Global Accelerator. This is a different model from our studio. We select companies from around the world to work with us for ten weeks. The first cohort was a “top of funnel” experiment for us. That allowed us to establish deep relationships despite the COVID-19 reality. Our first cohort was very successful. And we have a second cohort launching on Feb 1, 2021.

In 2021, we are also raising a $1m fund to support two cohorts giving an investor 3% in 20 companies.

Thought Leadership

GSD published over 100 articles on, Medium, and our website. Gary launched a live show that runs on YouTube and Facebook, with a recorded version on Spotify, Android, and others. In addition, Gary has been a consistent panelist on VCTV, Startup Network and recently did a two-part series for ForbesBooks. We had amazing guests such as Guy Kawasaki, a Fortune 10 CIO, Bob Dorf, and more. GSD also delivered 5000+ hours of speeches that were heard around the world. Much of which was recorded and can be found here. We also put together several industry-leading partnerships. The goal is to be the “full cycle”. Inspire, Educate, and Equip startups to #GoGlobal.

In 2021 we will capitalize on these relationships and continue to deliver best in class content.

#JustGetting Started

2020 was a year that nobody expected which brought unprecedented challenges around the world. We continue to be inspired by the resilience and bold actions of entrepreneurs. We continue to be optimistic that the current pandemic will lead to unprecedented success for our portfolio companies and beyond.

Here is to an outstanding 2021

Gary, Derek & the Entire GSD Team


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