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2023: GSD Celebrates a Year of Innovation and Success

Hey Innovators and Dreamers!

GSD Venture Studios, the hub where ideas become unstoppable, is thrilled to share the highlights of an incredible year filled with groundbreaking achievements, disruptive startups, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

2023 Success Stories: A Glimpse into the Future of Entrepreneurship

In 2023, GSD witnessed five cohorts graduate from our program, comprising a diverse array of 32 companies spanning Worktech, Healthtech, AI, ESG, Edtech, machine learning, HR, training, remote work, social media marketing, fintech, Generative AI, PR, non-profit, beauty and cosmetics, SaaS, finance, and artificial intelligence.

Originating from various countries, including the Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, the U.S., Israel, Canada, Spain, Slovenia, UK and more  our global portfolio companies collectively raised over $85 million, showcasing their potential on the global stage.

Digital Presence and Thought Leadership

Under the leadership of our CEO and Founder, Gary Fowler, GSD solidified its digital presence with 94 episodes of "GSD Presents", 12 episodes of “Gary’s picks” and 10 engaging “GSD Network” events in 2023 for a collective total of over 850 podcasts. . Our Fireside Chat format of “GSD Network”, launched on Jan 5, kicked off with an insightful conversation with Silicon Valley startup guru David Yang, Founder at ABBYY. The event was moderated by Gary Fowler, Founder of GSD Venture Studios, co-hosted by guest Daniel Kottke, one of the original Apple team members.

GSD Highlights: Fuels Business Growth: Jacqueline Fae, the Faery Matchmaker, and entrepreneur Sanjay Bhatia are breaking AI stereotypes. Using, they're not just helping singles find love, but also showcasing how small and medium enterprises can leverage AI for growth. Discover how, a cutting-edge platform, is making deep conversations with potential clients just as seamless as talking to a live agent.

Creatus' Artificial Experts: GSD's portfolio company, Creatus, pioneers AI models that collaborate and solve problems independently, acting as specialized "digital coworkers."

Rehaboo! Acquisition: GSD Venture Studios proudly announces the acquisition of Rehaboo! by EvokAI Creative Labs, marking a significant milestone in healthcare innovation.

Moticheck's AI Management Mentor, Aidan: Moticheck introduces Aidan, the world's first AI-based management consultant, providing personalized recommendations for managers and HR professionals.

Eyedaptic's Success: Eyedaptic achieves remarkable success in fundraising, user deployments, and substantial revenue growth, reaffirming its impact in the assistive technologies landscape.

DLC.Link Journey: DLC.Link secures a substantial $2 million in pre-seed funding, marking a significant triumph in the crypto landscape. GSD is proud to contribute its expertise and network to DLC.Link's success, exemplifying the essence of the GSD program.

P3iD Technologies Growth: P3iD Technologies, a leading innovator for cloud digital transformation solutions, and Visioneer (, a Xerox® brand licensee, have partnered to offer “Thin Scanning Solutions with Xerox document scanners”. As a critical part of onboarding content for AI and IDP systems, Thin Scanning Solutions are strategically important by being able to easily, and securely, collect large volumes of digital metadata to make these solutions even more intelligent for training LLM’s and AI models.

mxHERO's AI-powered Email Management: mxHERO Inc. introduces new capabilities, allowing organizations to apply Generative AI technology to their email content, revolutionizing email management.

Immerss Conversion Revolution: Immerss is excited to announce their successful solution to the challenge of low online conversion rates and poor consumer experience for brands and retailers. Their suite of live sales enablement tools have achieved a remarkable 20x increase in online conversions. Building on this success, they are introducing an AI-powered gateway that serves as a unified entry point to a brand's website. This strategic advancement aims to replace the outdated and disjointed customer service experiences prevalent in e-commerce. By accurately identifying customers and efficiently routing them to the right department or product expert, Immerss is positioning itself as a leader in the evolving live commerce space.

Medentee Innovates Healthcare: Medentee, a web platform and mobile app, streamlines medical communication by integrating information seamlessly across five pivotal channels: healthcare events, communities, organizations, private networks, and meetings. Having successfully raised $3 million, in just its inaugural month, Medentee has garnered recognition as the "Digital Health Solution of the Year" and emerged as the proud winner of the prestigious Med-Tech World Award. Their user base spans across more than 25 countries worldwide.

Distichain selected in PWC Future50: Distichain has earned a spot in PwC Net Zero Future50 - Middle East report. They are among the companies leading the charge in creating technology aimed at driving decarbonization across all sectors. By enabling cross-sector collaboration, Distichain B2B SaaS platform offers full digitization of processes, with direct access to integrated solutions for visibility and transparency, with a greener supply chain and green finance. 

SANEZOO Innovates AI Robotics: SANEZOO developed an advanced AI-based platform, revolutionizing machine vision and robot guidance. This technology is instrumental in automating end-of-line visual quality control and enhancing efficiency in component picking and assembly line feeding.  The company raised $2.65 million in seed funding, led by Venture Club, bringing SANEZOO's total capital to $5.5 million, underlining the confidence of investors in its innovative approach and future potential. SANEZOO also expanded its reach beyond the automotive industry, entering aerospace, electronics, and medical device manufacturing. The company's excellence was recognized in October when it won the Gold Medal at the MSV 2023 for the best innovation in Industrial automation and Industry 4.0.

Artificial Imagination Book: Gary Fowler, Sanjay Bhatia, and ChatGPT co-author "Artificial Imagination," exploring the impact of AI on our lives, beyond human intellect, emotions in AI, investing in AI companies, and cybersecurity. All books by Gary Fowler's Digital Employees: GSD launches, a division revolutionizing business operations with AI-powered digital employees, transforming customer support and automating tasks.

Generative AI Integration Division: GSD launches a new division dedicated to Generative AI Integration, empowering businesses with strategic planning, custom AI tool development, and implementation.

Gary Fowler's Global Presence: Gary speaks at various conferences, including EON, Gen AI Con, World Korean Business Convention, Digital Worker Forum, Arieli Fall Family Office Summit, and Infoshare conference, showcasing GSD's commitment to global innovation.

CIO Cover Story: Gary Fowler, the driving force behind GSD, seized the spotlight in the CIO Cover Story as a standout among the Most Innovative Global Leaders of 2023.

As we reflect on a year filled with innovation and growth, GSD Venture Studios remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the entrepreneurial landscape. We look forward to continued success, collaboration, and pioneering advancements in the coming year.

Collaborating with GSD Venture Studios and the Super Scaler approach propels startups into a dynamic ecosystem, prioritizing rapid global expansion, technology, and mentorship. Super Scaler accelerates growth on a global scale, emphasizing AI, automation, and data analytics for exponential advancement.

This strategy leverages network effects and scalability, creating a positive feedback loop that positions startups as market leaders. Expert mentorship and strategic partnerships mitigate challenges, ensuring sustainable growth. 

Joining GSD means entering a collaborative community where challenges are embraced, failures are lessons, and successes are celebrated. Together, we GSD for a future where innovation knows no bounds, making a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.


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