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As Mainstream Media Focuses on Fear, AI Stars Gary Fowler & David Yang Create Solutions

AI executive Gary Fowler, known for his successes in and GSD Venture Studios has been preaching AI for a decade, before it became mainstream. From Moscow to San Francisco, he has been empowering and encouraging entrepreneurs to embrace a simple fact that no major news outlet has been providing regular coverage to - that AI will be in our homes, in our lives and in our minds sooner and faster than we think. On July 7 2020, Gary Fowler launched Silicon Valley Tech & AI Show, sending ripples through the internet with the initial pilot attracting over 4000 viewers from all over the world.

Produced by the team at GSD Venture Studios that he co-founded, the show focuses on selected exclusive insights from industry experts embedded deep in the AI space. From professors to founders pioneering some of the most exciting technology in the world, the programme will surprise even the most discerning viewers.

With news becoming more polarised by special interests, more and more people have been turning to Youtube, Facebook and other Mediums (pun intended) for unique and valuable content that they will not catch anywhere else. A recent study conducted by Oxford University indicated that millennials consume most of their news via the Smartphone, not the TV. With Social media being the main source of news.

Meaningful Programming

Things are changing and we are too busy to see it.

"AI is one of the most exciting things to happen, it is our next evolutionary step," comments Gary Fowler.

With milennials and their descendants becoming less responsive, everything web based is gaining popularity, featuring independent, value driven, compelling content that focuses on educating rather than influencing. Gary Fowler uses his position as one of the Top 10 Influential Thinkers in the industry to inspire both investors and founders to embrace a future where AI is powerful and meaningful, enhancing our lives rather than threatening us. Instead of focusing on a state of fear, Gary Fowler and the GSD team zoom out, to see and discover the opportunities out there.

The first show aired on July 7, 9am PST with David Yang, co-founder of Abbyy - the Digital Intelligence Company. Together with Gary Fowler, David founded Yva - an AI powered HR insights startup that provides companies unique perspectives on the productivity of their employees.

"It was incredible and exciting being part of this brand new concept and I wholeheartedly support Gary in this," commented David Yang

Airing the 2nd and 4th Tuesday every month, upcoming episodes will introduce new and compelling content as well as challenging guests that will offer a unique take on the state of the industry and what the future of AI has in store.

The next episode, aired on Facebook and Youtube will feature Professor Andy Pardoe, one of the leading global thinkers on AI.

"Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are our compasses towards growth" says an anonymous internet proverb, so when the going gets tough, the tough get programming and that is what the teams that Fowler has backed are doing. Some are programming AI algorithms, others are putting together shows that will inspire others to perform. Whatever happens, when AI is at the rubicon these are skills that will all be highly in demand.

Originally published on Yahoo!


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