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Digital Disruption: Unveiling the Impact of Digital Employees

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has given rise to a new era of technological progress, with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation driving the forefront of this digital transformation. In the midst of this evolution, a groundbreaking book titled "Digital Disruption: The Impact of Digital Employees on the Workforce" is set to unveil the profound implications of integrating AI-driven digital employees into today's work environment.

Authored by Gary Fowler, this comprehensive exploration delves into the transformative potential and challenges that accompany the rise of digital employees. With an insightful analysis spanning various industries, the book delves into the intricate facets of this paradigm shift, aiming to provide readers with a nuanced understanding of the changing dynamics of work.

The book is structured into thought-provoking chapters that encompass the entire spectrum of this technological revolution. From the fundamental understanding of the rise of digital employees to navigating ethical considerations, redefining job roles, and addressing concerns of job displacement, the book offers a holistic perspective on the subject.

The chapters not only shed light on the opportunities that come with adopting AI-driven digital employees but also emphasize the strategies required to ensure a seamless transition and successful integration into the modern workforce. As industries adapt to this technological wave, "Digital Disruption" offers valuable insights into how businesses can enhance collaboration between human and digital employees and manage productivity in a hybrid work environment.

With the relentless pace of technological advancement, "Digital Disruption: The Impact of Digital Employees on the Workforce" is a vital guide for industry leaders, policymakers, and anyone interested in navigating the dynamic landscape of work in the digital age. The book provides a road map to embrace change and harness the potential of digital employees to shape the future of work.

"Digital Disruption: The Impact of Digital Employees on the Workforce" is available below:
What Impact Will Digital Employees Have On The Workforce By Gary Fowler
Download PDF • 55.69MB

About the Author:

Gary Fowler, President, CEO and Founder, GSD Venture Studios

Award-winning serial entrepreneur and investor with 17 companies, several Unicorns,

and a successful IPO. Gary was on the original management team of ClickSoftware

which was recently sold to SalesForce for $1.35 billion. He also co-founded several top

global accelerators, where over 30% of the companies have notably thrived. Some of his

global successes are Broadiant, Findo, Tecra, Zemplee, and the award-winning AI

company,, which was recently acquired by Visier.

Today, Gary is the CEO, President of GSD Venture Studios, a Silicon Valley based

venture studio. GSD takes operational roles in companies and uses its vast global

network and experience to help companies maximize their opportunities. As a leader,

Gary always remains at the forefront of global change, launching innovative services

ahead of the conservative majority. Thus, he recently announced the creation of a new

division to help integrate ChatGPT into any business around the world.

Gary pays special attention to the hyper-acceleration of growth-stage startups. His team

travels the world in search of bold, resilient entrepreneurs and guides them through a

15-week accelerator to invigorate global sales, marketing, and traction with their

extensive venture-building experience and far-reaching industry contacts. The

accelerator’s ultimate goal is to secure funding for participating companies, with the

most extraordinary selected for syndication. Gary enjoys mentoring early-stage tech

companies and always welcomes the craziest ideas. He believes that diverse and

professional teams, a strong element of mentorship, and a powerful network are key

factors in achieving global success for startups. Therefore, he considers the main task of

his team to “get stuff done”, providing all needed services to help promising companies

grow quickly and establish their strong position in the market.

Gary has established a strong digital presence, gaining fast momentum in the VC and

tech community. He aims his efforts to defy the widely accepted 116 statistic that 90% of

startups fail by providing better access to industry secrets that can help drive success in

an oversaturated space of entrepreneurs and ideas. For this, Gary holds community

events under the name of GSD Network and hosts several initiatives in the media space.

Firstly, GSD Presents, a show dedicated to Silicon Valley AI & Tech. Each featured

interviews with thought leaders and innovation gurus such as Daniel Kottke, one of the

original Apple team members. Over 100 episodes have aired to date. Gary's Picks,

another show created with the well-known group, VC Taskforce and moderated by Gary.

It features topics spanning visionary thinking, uncensored questions and opinionated

discussions around pressing issues that face members are hallmarks of events.

Gary also takes part in a series of webinars “How to Go Global” organized by GSD

Venture Studio together with the Israeli Export Institute to provide exclusive access for

Israeli companies and startups to the U.S. and international mentorship, knowledge,

networks, and connections. And launched a Silicon Valley show for entrepreneurs -

“How to Build a Unicorn.” The conversations in the show feature entrepreneurial hacks

and discussions from the experiences of seasoned entrepreneurs from around the world.

The speakers, led by Gary, discuss valuable questions such as how to build a successful

team, how to find the right advisors and investors, what some of the pitfalls of building a

startup could be to look out for, etc. Gary serves many roles and responsibilities with

utmost dedication and diligence. For many founders, he is known as an honorary judge

of startup competitions such as the Unicorn Cup. And for venture capitalists - as a

reliable partner and a successful investor. Having over 25 years of experience in AI, Gary

regularly shares his expertise from such big stages as the World AI Summit, the South

Summit, the Startup World Cup Summit, United Nations as well as from the pages of

Forbes, CIO Today, and Bizboard. To this day, he has written over 180 articles and took

part in hundreds of international events. Recently, he was named one of the “Top 10

Most Influential AI Executives” by Analytics Insights.

Gary is inspired by Nicola Tesla and has his own blog on Medium.

Gary’s personal motto is “Visualize what you want and focus!”


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