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DLC.Link, Supported by GSD Venture Studios, Secures $2 Million in Pre-Seed Funding

In the midst of recent turbulence in the crypto landscape, marked by the setbacks of major players such as FTX and BlockFi, DLC.Link, a standout in the GSD Venture Studios portfolio, has emerged victorious with a successful $2 million pre-seed funding round.

The pre-seed funding was co-led by ABCDE Capital, under the leadership of the co-founder of Huobi, and Comma 3 Ventures, adding a layer of formality and gravitas to DLC.Link's funding journey. Noteworthy participation also came from DeFi stalwarts, including Bixin, Contribution Capital, and AlphaDAO, alongside DeSpread.

On the Bitcoin front, DLC.Link garnered support from reputable players, including New Layer Capital, SBX, Gossamer, and Waterdrip Capital, renowned for their expertise in Bitcoin mining.

Strategic backing from Trust Machines, Chainlink, and Stacks Foundation underscored the significance of DLC.Link's vision. Chainlink, as the first investor through their Foundation's grant program, and Stacks Foundation, awarding their inaugural Partner-level grant, further validate the project's potential.

DLC.Link's investor lineup also features prominent angel investors, including Charlie Songhurst, a notable Bitcoin whale and super-angel; Matt Barby, a DeFi expert and podcaster; Saeed Al-Zaabi, formerly Director at the General Secretariat of Abu Dhabi; and Kieran Flanagan, CMO of Zapier, who invested through Sequoia Scout.

Acknowledging the crucial role of accelerator programs in DLC.Link's growth, recognition is extended to entities such as Chainlink for Startups, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, Creative Destruction Lab, GSD Ventures, and Interchain Builders.

GSD Venture Studios is delighted to be part of this success, contributing its experience, growth hacks, and network opportunities to DLC.Link. The studio is proud to play a role in nurturing brilliant entrepreneurs, not only encouraging ambitious dreams but also ensuring they come to fruition. This success exemplifies the essence of the GSD program, dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to not just dream big, but to Get Stuff Done.


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