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Gary Fowler: Miami’s AI and Quantum King

Gary Fowler is a force to be reckoned with in the technology and artificial intelligence space. He is the CEO, President, and Co-founder of GSD Venture Studios. Based in Silicon Valley, they travel the world inviting resilient teams to establish partnerships leveraging their decades of experience, trusted reputation and vast network.

At GSD, Gary Fowler’s extensive experience with both the AI industry and the Russian startup community enables him to quickly spot promising young companies and identify those primed for explosive global growth. As a result, he builds strong relationships with founders and teams who are bold enough to #GoGlobal. Gary currently has homes in both San Jose, California, and South Florida but travels to Russia frequently to promote GSD’s international interests.

His impressive track record boasts co-founding two unicorns and ClickSoftware and top CIS accelerators GVA and SKOLKOVO Startup Academy, where over 30% of the companies went on to achieve success and now he is paving the way for startups of the future with GSDLabs. These challenging and uncertain times will require even more innovation and a world without borders. As a result, this project was launched to bridge the gap between intellectual capacity and access to opportunity.

GSDLabs is a 10-week cross-border accelerator launched at the end of 2020 that is putting international startups on the map in Silicon Valley, providing the perfect blend of strategic guidance, mentorship, and resources they would not otherwise have access to anywhere else.

GSDLabs has quickly gained traction helping propel startups from countries all over the world such as Buenos Aires, Uzbekistan, Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, Austria, and more. The 10-week accelerator which launched in December leads up to a demo day with invite-only investors. Additional resources include advisor matching with pre-screened experts, accelerator application help, sales hacks for the US market, press coverage, digital marketing, strategic partnerships, and expert storytelling to help navigate cultural and political dynamics.

The Spring 2021 cohort includes diverse founders from India, Nigeria, Israel, Eastern Europe, and the United States, all working on future unicorns in AI, cryptocurrency, fintech, healthcare, and more.

“GSD’s global accelerator connects great founders and teams with tried and true growth tactics and the world’s best network of mentors and investing partners,” explains CEO Gary Fowler.

This cohort features 11 exciting startups such as SplitByte; the first true, safe harbor in data protection to render system breaches ineffective and provide total data compliance. It securely stores sensitive enterprise information by splitting data into information-less pieces and geo-dispersing it. SplitByte’s “provable security methodology” converts data into meaningless fragments, neutralizing all methods of cyber-attack. SplitByte is a Delaware corporation with 90% of the team US based and 10% in India.

Other participants of the 2021 cohort are MayaMD. MayaMD is an AI-powered clinical intelligence platform designed to enhance physician-patient communication and collaboration to provide an optimal health care experience. The platform can process symptoms, lab results, and past medical history to replicate how a physician would approach a patient to democratize healthcare, reduce patient cost, and boost hospital margins. And YelyPay brings total security to credit card users and eliminates the growing problem of credit card fraud. YelyPay’s patented, multi-factor cyber-security authentication provides customers on both sides of transactions the confidentiality necessary to protect their funds and identity.

Although this cohort was launched this week, the virtual program is taking rolling admissions. Interested candidates can apply here.

In closing we will share some of Gary Fowler’s valuable insights from a recent interview for Silicon Valley Ventures. Having produced two successful unicorns, the first thing he said to understand is that it is no walk in the park. Historically, a variety of factors have driven the scaling and success of different startups. First and foremost, each unicorn disrupted the industry they operate in, and this disruptive nature is what made it stand out. What also sets unicorns apart is their deep roots in cutting-edge technology. Most unicorns are customer-obsessed. They put a strong emphasis on fostering strong emotional connections with their users and solve their pain points in easy, simple, and seamless ways. Another way to seek a startup is to identify a one-of-its-kind experience they introduce—and with that, also change people’s habits and behaviors.

And lastly, whether it’s carving out a unique niche or introducing a whole new direction within an existing market, unicorns define their space and continuously innovate to stay ahead of the competition. With Gary’s impressive background and experience in technology and AI, it is no wonder he has been able to drive startups all over the world to such rapid success.

Originally published in Miami Wire

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