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Gary Fowler: Revolutionizing AI Business Engagement as Chairman & Co-Founder at Runday.AI

Runday.AI, the innovator behind always-available AI Agents reshaping the sales funnel, proudly announces the appointment of Gary Fowler as Chairman and Co-founder. A standout figure in the tech industry and President, CEO, and Founder of GSD Venture Studios, Gary Fowler brings his extensive expertise as a generative AI builder, serial entrepreneur, and expert speaker at the United Nations to elevate Runday.AI to unprecedented heights.

Runday.AI's cutting-edge platform leverages generative AI to automate diverse facets of the sales process, utilizing human-like avatars for seamless customer interactions, booking demos, and facilitating transactions 24/7. Gary Fowler's extensive track record, marked by 17 companies, multiple Unicorns, and a successful IPO, positions Runday.AI for accelerated growth in the evolving landscape of AI-driven solutions.

As a serial entrepreneur and award-winning investor, Gary Fowler's strategic leadership will catalyze Runday.AI's mission to redefine business engagement. His commitment to fostering global connections and super scaling startups aligns seamlessly with Runday.AI's vision. Gary's influence, reflected in his recognition as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential AI Executives" by Analytics Insights, underscores the exciting trajectory that lies ahead for Runday.AI.

Runday.AI proudly welcomes Gary Fowler to its leadership, marking the dawn of a groundbreaking era for innovative and globally impactful AI-driven business interactions.

About Runday.AI:

Runday.AI is a trailblazer in AI-driven business engagement, offering always-available AI Agents that revolutionize sales processes. Through cutting-edge generative AI technology, Runday.AI transforms customer interactions, booking demos, and transaction facilitation with human-like avatars, ensuring businesses stay ahead in the digital landscape.

About Gary Fowler:

Gary Fowler, President, CEO, and Founder of GSD Venture Studios, is a renowned generative AI builder, keynote speaker, and global executive leader with a prolific career spanning over 37 years and 17 companies. With an exceptional portfolio of successful ventures, an IPO and several exits and a commitment to empowering startups, Gary Fowler's strategic guidance will play a pivotal role in steering Runday.AI towards unprecedented success.


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