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Gary Fowler Rocks the Stage with AI Insights at Infosource, Capture & IDP Conference 2023

It was a day of innovation and inspiration as Gary Fowler, the dynamic President, CEO, and Founder of GSD Venture Studios, took the spotlight at the Infosource, Capture & IDP Conference 2023. This high-energy event, held on September 7th in Chicago, brought together tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and visionaries to explore the latest trends and opportunities.

Gary's electrifying keynote, titled "AI: Its Big Role in IDP and Beyond," had the audience on the edge of their seats. He didn't just talk about AI; he made it sizzle. Gary highlighted how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the Capture & IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) landscape, making it smarter and more efficient than ever before.

AI isn't just a buzzword for Gary; it's a game-changer. His work in AI-driven companies and his recent recognition as one of the "Top 10 Global AI Executives" by Analytics Insight Magazine made him the perfect guide to the AI revolution. He shared valuable insights on how to harness AI's power for business growth today and beyond.

"AI, especially technologies like ChatGPT, is revolutionizing the Capture & IDP sector," Gary explained during his talk. "This is a pivotal moment, and AI is set to transform how we do business."

With a career spanning 17 companies, including multiple Unicorns and a successful IPO, Gary Fowler knows what it takes to thrive in the tech world. His infectious enthusiasm and expertise in startups, innovation, and AI made his session a highlight of the conference.

About Gary Fowler:

Gary Fowler is a globally recognized entrepreneur, investor, and AI aficionado. He's the President, CEO, and Founder of GSD Venture Studios, a Silicon Valley-based venture studio known for nurturing startups. With a career spanning 17 companies, multiple Unicorns, and a successful IPO, Gary has earned a place among the "Top 10 Most Influential AI Executives" by Analytics Insight Magazine. His insights into startups, innovation, and AI have made him an industry luminary.

About Infosource, Capture & IDP Conference 2023:

The Infosource, Capture & IDP Conference 2023 is where tech visionaries, experts, and enthusiasts gather to explore trends and opportunities in Capture & IDP technology. This lively event is a hub for thought-provoking discussions and insights into the future of the industry.

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13 sept 2023

Gary, it was really great to have you keynote the Capture & IDP Conference this year. Your energy and excitement is infectious! In my role as Marketing Chair for the TWAIN Working Group I was pleased to share some ideas for incorporating various AI techniques into Capture & IDP solutions. P3iD is already delivering on several of these solutions so anyone interested, please contact me for more details. Thanks,


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