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Gary Interviewed by AI Advocate Athena Ireland

Gary recently had the opportunity to speak to AI advocate and AI Hub visionary Athena Ireland about the future of AI in the workplace. Gary discussed his work with as well as how AI can help businesses increase efficiency and improve the employee experience.

"I'm grateful to Athena for giving me the chance to talk about how AI can help businesses predict when their key employees are at risk of leaving," said GSD Venture Studios CEO and Co-founder Gary Fowler. "Retention is a significant problem for many business owners, and AI is poised to make a big difference in this space."

"Gary is one of the foremost minds in AI today," said GSD Venture Studios COO and Co-founder Derek Distenfield. "I'm very pleased that he was able to share some of that knowledge with Athena's audience in this interview."

GSD Venture Studios travels the world inviting resilient teams to establish partnerships that ensure organizations grow the right way, without games or gimmicks. Unlike traditional investors, GSD executives take senior operational (often co-founder) roles in these companies, capitalizing on their trusted reputation, experiences and network to drive explosive growth.

Click here to watch the full interview

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