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Gary’s show called top 15 podcast of 2020

Podcasts are slowly gaining traction in terms of delivering relevant and entertaining content to all kinds of audiences. From entertainment, movies, films, and music to legal issues, societal discourse, health and wellness, and general information, podcasts cater to a wide array of topics in and out of popular culture. Podcasts feature people and issues that pique the interest of many. With their comfortable and straightforward approach to facts, podcasts offer volumes of information and let you think deeper about the discussion even after listening to it. Here are Top 15 podcasts that deserve to grace everyone’s ears and gain attention:

Gary Fowler has 30+ years of leadership experience including a $1.35 billion dollar exit and a successful Nasdaq IPO. He has founded 15 companies. Under his leadership, was named one of the Top 10 AI HR Tech companies. Gary was recently named one of the top 10 Most Influential AI Executives. He is a writer at Forbes, and he is the host of the hottest show on the tech scene that is taking the internet by storm: GSD presents, Silicon Valley AI, and Tech. It features guests who are on the leading edge of technology, such as Guy Kawasaki.

Originally published on New York Weekly


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