Derek Meets with Key Business Leaders to Help AI #GoGlobal

On a recent trip to Voronezh Russia, Derek met with a key government leader named Roman Golovanev. Roman is the Director of My Business Center, which is part of a national project for “Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Support of Individual Entrepreneurship Initiatives”

“It’s exciting to see the growth in tech innovation taking place across Russia right now” - Gary Fowler

The center provides over 200 services including consultations on the measures of state support for small and medium-sized enterprises, the opening of sole proprietorships and LLCs, on training in a wide range of educational programs, consultations in the field of labor and tax legislation.

We look forward to forming a partnership with My Business Center to help their startups #GoGlobal” - Derek Distenfield

Derek toured the facility and even mentored many of the entrepreneurs while there.

He sat down with Roman to discuss how GSD helps Russian startups expand into the US. He shared with Roman our new 10-week Virtual Accelerator called GSD Labs inviting entrepreneurs from all over the world to participate. They also discussed the exciting opportunity of a partnership between My Business Center and GSD.