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GSD Demo Day Cohort 15: A Confluence of Cutting-Edge Startups and Visionary Investors

In a spectacular display of ingenuity and promise, GSD Super Scaler  recently orchestrated its #GSDDemoDay, a gathering that united over 500 globally renowned investors with a curated selection of top-tier startups destined for future success. This momentous occasion marked the culmination of GSD's immersive 15-week program, during which these startups underwent a transformative journey.

At Demo Day, each startup took center stage, presenting their revolutionary concepts and forward-thinking solutions to an enthusiastic audience of investors. Yet, the engagement didn't end there – post-presentations, the setting shifted to a more intimate environment. Interested investors engaged in one-on-one conversations, diving deeper into discussions, posing questions, and exploring the potential for investment.

Tech Trends Shaping Tomorrow

Spanning diverse technological verticals, these startups are poised to make transformative impacts in areas such as human resources, training, remote work, social media marketing, fintech, SaaS and Generative AI. In an era where innovation transcends borders, GSD Super Scaler nurtures these exceptional startups to overcome geographical limitations and achieve global prominence.

Introducing Cohort 15: Trailblazers of Transformation

In essence, Creatus is an AI-powered social media management platform, helping users to create and manage social media content all at one place with the help of automation. Their target customers are individuals and SMEs, who generate content for purposes such as training videos, social media updates, and marketing materials. 

They offer a freemium model, basic and premium plans. The free version allows access to watermarked basic features, while their paid subscriptions unlock advanced functionalities for a richer creative experience. They also anticipate custom solutions as potential revenue drivers.

Filtroo is where AR filters turn social engagement into rewards for users and new frontiers for brands. Gen Z users find inclusivity across platforms, while businesses thrive through our profitable SaaS, ad campaigns, and affiliate model, boasting a 79% profit margin.

B2B SaaS platform made for ecommerce and retail merchants. Our platform connects remote buyers and sellers to facilitate a transaction. We charge monthly fees for services.

They provide affordable fixed financing options to Dental, Automotive Repair, Optometry and the Veterinary industries across all 50 States.

They connect freelancers and their clients at the last mile of remote working accounts. However they meet, they can cut off all the bureaucracy of borderless hiring. Employers get invoices, freelancers - safe and easy payment for remote jobs.

Over 100 million SMEs in the US and emerging markets struggle with costly, outdated HR and training systems in blue-collar industries. They face skill shortages, high hiring expenses, and inefficiencies, hurting overall productivity.

ZeeHub provides the solution by offering a unified AI SaaS platform that revolutionizes skill development and management for the global blue-collar industry.

Runday provides always available AI Agents for business that automate multiple aspects of the sales funnel with generative AI.  The content driven no-code platform uses texting and  human-like avatars that answer questions,  book demos, acquire customers and take payments 24/7.

For those who missed this exceptional event or wish to relive the energy, we are thrilled to announce the availability of a video recording of Demo Day. Immerse yourself in the insightful presentations, engaging discussions, and the spirit of innovation that permeated this extraordinary event.


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