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GSD Expands to Tel Aviv With Managing Director Moshe Porat

To further expand our global reach, GSD Venture Studios is proud to announce our launch of GSD Tel Aviv with Managing Director Moshe Porat. Moshe is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in senior executive positions in the high-tech industry, as an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. Prior to co-founding Startup Negev, Moshe was a Managing Partner at Porat Ventures and part of the steering committee of InNegev incubator and AI leader in Road2 CoE. Previously, Moshe founded and served as CEO of MESH tech co-working spaces and accelerator program, as one of the 1st pioneers promoting tech and innovation in the second-tier cities and peripheral cities in Israel and later abroad.

“The opportunity to lead GSD Tel Aviv really is the culmination of all my experience in the tech startup world. As a founder, investor, and accelerator leader, my network and operational expertise in the region is unmatched. Paired with GSD’s global reach and proven model, we believe we can synthesize hyper-growth for local founders here in Israel.” - Moshe Porat, Managing Director, GSD Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has long stood as one of the world's foremost cities in technology innovation. With $25b in 2021 VC funding and a 520% leap in exits (from $15.4b in 2020 to $81.2b so far in 2021), the attraction to the region is obvious. GSD is very much looking forward to connecting with more Israeli founders and nurturing a presence there.

“We recognized the abundance of tech talent and opportunity in Tel Aviv and set out to build a GSD outpost. We’re so proud to welcome Moshe and can't wait to see what the future has in store for GSD with his leadership.” - Gary Fowler, CEO, and Co-Founder, GSD Venture Studios

GSD travels the world in search of resilient founders bold enough to #GoGlobal. In an effort to build a regional tech hub in Israel, GSD has selected Moshe based on his extensive entrepreneurial experience both globally and in the region.

“With GSD Tel Aviv, we’re taking #GoGlobal further, putting boots on the ground and establishing a constant presence in a global tech hotbed.

Derek Distenfield, COO and Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios

If you are interested in working with GSD Venture Studios in Tel Aviv, or from anywhere else in the world, please contact Derek Distenfield, COO and Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios at

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