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GSD Guide "Governance Models for Generative AI: Ensuring Ethical and Responsible Use"

The rapidly evolving technological landscape has witnessed the rise of generative AI, a powerful tool capable of creating original content by analyzing patterns in existing data. However, to harness the full potential of this transformative technology, it is imperative to establish robust governance models that ensure its ethical and responsible use. In their groundbreaking book, "Governance Models for Generative AI: Ensuring Ethical and Responsible Use," the authors delve into the significance of governance and outline key elements for a comprehensive approach.

Generative AI, a branch of artificial intelligence, possesses the ability to generate new data or content, including text, images, and music, by learning from extensive datasets. With its potential to revolutionize industries such as creative arts, content generation, and data analysis, it is essential to govern its deployment responsibly.

Governance plays a pivotal role in guiding organizations to deploy generative AI in an ethical and accountable manner, complying with legal and regulatory frameworks. Effective governance instills trust, transparency, and accountability, mitigating potential risks associated with this technology's utilization.

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[FINAL] Governance Models for Generative AI Ensuring Ethical and Responsible Use - By Gary
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