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GSD Labs: 2021 cohort

Silicon Valley, CA February 3, 2020 — GSD Labs, a project of GSD Venture Studios, is thrilled to announce our 2021 cohort. Challenging times require innovative concepts and also a world without borders. We are thrilled to have a diverse group of founders, each from a different country, working on future unicorns in cybersecurity, robotics, health and wellness, clean energy, and more.

“This is an opportunity to combine experience with top-tech talent from around the world and build the next generation of problem-solving companies that will #GoGlobal” explains CEO Gary Fowler.

Introducing the 2021 cohort:


XCOOP is the first Peer 2 Peer digital international money transfer company to provide real financial inclusion to the unbanked Latin American population that survives on money received by family remittances. Beyond money transfer, the platform provides financial services and conversion strategies to provide users with credit tools and eventually convert the unbanked to banked, significantly improving their financial literacy and freedom.

LYRO Robotics

LYRO Robotics has created the brain, eyes, and hands for the next generation of intelligent robots in the agricultural, logistics, and e-commerce sectors. Their proprietary Machine Intelligence combines robotic vision, deep-learning, and grasping to pick and pack any item, even if LYRO has never seen it before. They are launching into the agriculture sector by creating the world's first fresh produce, pattern-packing robot.


Liquidstar offers a new category of energy distribution, utilizing waypoint charge stations to deploy smart batteries for beyond-the-grid electrical power distribution. Their vision is to leapfrog off-grid markets to the ‘wireless’ battery-powered sustainable ecosystems of the future, which will solve energy access challenges for the powerless 1.1 billion and provide electricity for essential services during grid destroying disasters. combines Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Natural Language Generation (NLG) with an Abstractive Multi-Document technique to summarize search data in a coherent form that is readable and relevant. The software crunches down textual information and generates a summary in a decipherable paraphrase, taking special care to maintain its original meaning.


Bary is a virtual butler that "makes friends" with IoT devices from any manufacturer to combine them into a single ecosystem. With Bary, you can choose the devices suitable for your tasks based on functionality, quality, and price rather than compatibility.

Moment Company

Moment Company provides both a product and program designed to support your mental fitness and wellbeing. The Moment Method has been created to bring the practice of short, regular breaks, or moments, into your busy day to calm both the mind and the body, reducing stress and improving overall mental wellbeing.


Cypherdog is the world’s most secure encryption enterprise software that provides untraceable data security. Files are easily sent to trusted recipients with end-to-end encryption without 3rd Party access, stored on your device, archived in the cloud through Cypherdog’s groundbreaking desktop and mobile app.


Prim-U is a platform that provides a convenient way to book at-home beauty and wellness services online or via their app by connecting clients to “Prim-lancers”. The platform provides a space for beauty freelancers to showcase their individualized talents and modernizes the South African health and beauty wellness industry for both clients and beauty freelancers.


eezy's app utilizes a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine that is connected to the users, preferences, and current mood making it effortless to discover their best life by finding custom places and things they love, on nights they'll never forget.


Bidease is a fully transparent Smart DSP focused on in-app purchases to get brands in front of mobile users from every corner of the globe by leveraging comprehensive partnerships with the world’s top publishers. Clients like Disney, TikTok, and Grubhub count on the platform’s scalable access to all major mobile advertising formats across the industry's biggest exchanges to allow sophisticated targeting and spending based on variables linked directly to ROI, ensuring campaigns are always operating at peak efficiency.


Atutum is an unparalleled healthcare concierge that assists users to find, evaluate, and receive the right treatment. The platform offers a one-stop solution to all budgetary, insurance, and medical queries with a digitally accessible medical vault and visualized health timeline.


SpottR is a social commerce ecosystem that uses smart visual search tools to help users discover and pursue opportunities that are closest to them. Whether shopping for goods and services, bartering/trading for used goods or searching for an exciting night on the town, SpottR’s native ERC20 token, third-party friendly API policy and proprietary financing platform CLIQToken is revolutionizing e-commerce in Africa.


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