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GSD Labs Begins 6th Accelerator! 12 Top Startups to #GoGlobal

Silicon Valley, CA January 3, 2022 — GSD Labs, a project of GSD Venture Studios, is thrilled to announce our sixth cohort. Challenging times require innovative concepts and a world without borders. We are excited to have a diverse group of founders, with roots and operations in at least nine countries (including South Africa, Zambia, Australia, The U.K., Poland, Czech Republic, India, Switzerland, and the U.S.).

30% are led by minorities or founders from emerging markets. These future unicorns’ tech verticals include mobility, ed-tech, AR/VR, fintech, med-tech, and the metaverse.

“Our unique 15-week program offers high-potential technology companies direct access to our tried and true guidance on product and growth, GSD’s network of mentors, as well as access to our global venture capital community,” explains CEO Gary Fowler.

Introducing our 6th cohort:


CanPro is an ecosystem-as-a-service that drives customer acquisition for Africa's $180b digital economy. A mobile app combined with in-person ambassadors, analytics, and built-in virality has added over 1 million users for enterprise customers like Facebook.

Cosmiq Universe

The Cosmiq community brings the universal values of love, inclusion, humility into the metaverse via digital avatar storytelling and its own digital currency. Virtual avatars Leya Love and Aya Stellar combine storytelling AI, AR, blockchain, NFT’s, multimedia nature art, and gaming to build a more conscious physical world and metaverse community.


Frostwolf creates a new category of extreme sport, recreation, and transportation with the P1 hover vehicle. Starting with Frostwolf’s racing league, trained professionals will drive adoption by amusement parks and personal users.


Fun1st incentivizes students to achieve academic success by tracking their behavior/performance and rewarding them with tokens that can be spent in Fun1st’s digital school store.

Glaze Prosthetics

Glaze integrates sales, ordering, fitting, and manufacturing via app to build a marketplace and revolutionize the antiquated prosthetics market. The vertically integrated supply chain allows clinicians to submit patient measurements and information in minutes and receive their new limb in days.


Mileus guarantees users can comfortably and easily commute home every day. The automated extension of public transport provides on-demand, door-to-door service, coordinating public transportation with last-mile ride-hailing apps.

Novus Guard

For employees that work alone, such as delivery drivers, security guards, and maintenance technicians, Novus Guard dispatches emergency services in the event of an incident, even without a signal or user input.


Truviva is an infertility management platform that addresses the physical and mental wellbeing of aspiring mothers with a holistic approach. Start your family with help from educational and mindfulness materials, access to ambassadors and fertility specialists, and Truviva-developed supplements.


Ustocktrade is the only retail stock trading platform that settles trades in real-time, allowing retail investors to instantly re-invest proceeds from sales and make an unlimited amount of daily trades. The P2P trading platform currently supports equity and will soon add options, cryptocurrency, and other asset classes.

Virtual Console

The Enterprise Metaverse has arrived, activating communities and enabling self-expression like never before. Virtual Console defines how companies innovate as the synthesis between humans and technology continues to progress. Collaboration and engagement with Virtual Console allow an experiential approach to problem solving and true presence in a virtual office that can be personalized for our corporate clients.


Workademy is a knowledge-sharing platform for companies that allows anyone in the organization to share their expertise via online, engaging mini-courses. The subscription-based SaaS enables companies to build courses, share them internally or externally through a private workspace and track success with an analytics dashboard.


Zigyaasa’s SaaS platform helps dev-ops teams to optimize video with deep learning on both live and pre-recorded streams. Storage space and streaming costs are reduced by 40% while high-quality videos can be sent across poor network connections with low latency without any additional hardware.


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