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GSD Labs Begins Fall 2021 Accelerator! 9 Top Startups to #GoGlobal

Silicon Valley, CA November 1, 2021 — GSD Labs, a project of GSD Venture Studios, is thrilled to announce our fifth cohort of 2021. Challenging times require innovative concepts and a world without borders. We are thrilled to have a diverse group of founders, with roots and operations in at least nine counties (including Uganda, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, Finland, Estonia, India, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Cyprus, and the U.S.).

33% are led by minorities or founders from emerging markets. These future unicorns’ tech verticals include AI, cybersecurity, IoT, no-code apps, eCommerce, legaltech, and EV’s.

“GSD accelerates only the most promising startups and helps them to refine their products, get funded, and scale. We also aim to increase diversity and inclusion by supporting great founders from underrepresented communities,” explains CEO Gary Fowler.

Introducing the Fall 2021 cohort:


Behamics predicts abandonment reasons and automatically sends hyper-personalized messages based on Behavioral Science and AI to drive sales without providing discounts or sending emails. Integration with Shopify and other custom online stores is as easy as adding a single line of code and achieves 20% more revenue, 15% fewer cart abandonments, and 10% fewer product returns.


Build powerful native no-code apps completed in a fraction of the time and cost. Apps built with the SaaS platform increase engagement, loyalty, and retention. is the intersection of no-code and deep-learning using NLP, NLU, NLG for omnichannel (chat, voice, web) communication. The B2B SaaS generates meaningful voice and chat conversations for complex enterprise users.


Q-Hop’s B2B IoT-as-a-service collects data to predict & influence real-time shopping behavior, driving sales & adding revenue of $4.6t globally by reducing abandoned carts. Combined with the scan-as-you-shop mobile app that provides hyper-personalized shopping and cashierless digital payment solutions.


Delfast e-bikes are FIRST in terms of range, speed, off-road capability, and professional useability with their patented battery management system, GPS tracker, anti-theft system, remote launch, bike computer, mobile app, temperature/BlueTooth sensors, lighting system, proprietary tracking, and more.


Millions of businesses and people have been priced out of the legal system. E-gree reimagines the legal process with a mobile platform that allows users to create, execute and send legal agreements, so people can focus on what’s most important.


The KAYA17 is a 15-minute point-of-care COVID-19 rapid test, for individuals, and groups small or large. Testing may be done quickly, accurately, and inexpensively as often as necessary. With KAYA17's proprietary software, workflow and initial data gathering allow for electronic delivery of final results, no matter the testing scenario.


Postnest’s automated parcel terminal serves underdeveloped areas where e-commerce is exploding but few consumers have a straightforward address. This highly scalable, trustworthy concept is contactless, standardizes pickup locations, and has the power to expose underserved markets to e-commerce, boosting the economy.


Truusec is a DevSecOps collaboration framework that adds security practices to the software development and delivery process. The SaaS combines automation and AI to detect all vulnerabilities to deliver application security that enables DevSecOps teams to release software quickly and securely, reducing costs by 30%.

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