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GSD Labs Launches 14th Cohort With 6 Startups

  • These startups will participate in GSD’s 15-week program which includes hands-on sessions to make measurable differences in sales and marketing, speed-dating meetings with mentors/investors, strategy and direction for investor interfacing, and direct connection to GSD’s network of investors. A virtual demo day is the culmination of the accelerator where each founder presents to over 300 investors in attendance.

  • GSD travels the world in search of resilient entrepreneurs bold enough to #GoGlobal. This cohort includes a diverse group of founders with roots in the USA.

GSD Venture Studio’s 15-week accelerator, GSD Labs has just launched yet another cohort of future unicorns. Challenging times require innovative concepts and a world without borders. The tech verticals of these exceptional startups include SaaS, finance, healthcare, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

GSD’s CEO Gary Fowler is a seasoned venture builder who direct strategy based on his own success as a founder. Gary is well aware that 90% of startups fail, and that these failures are usually because companies run out of money. The entrepreneur’s dilemma is usually that they have a great idea but neither the money to grow nor the traction to raise. This is where GSD Labs comes in and injects tried and true tactics to growth hack sales and position startups for funding.

“Another cohort participates in GSD Labs' 15-week accelerator program that nurtures the next generation of global Unicorns under the umbrella of GSD Venture Studios. With the team's proven strategies, the next 6 companies will realize their full business potential #GoGlobal.” - GSD Venture Studios CEO and Founder Gary Fowler

Joining GSD Labs was the best decision I made last year,” says Dave Smith, Founder & CEO of The Safe Steps.

“GSD Labs provides the necessary tools for fundraising and business partnerships, which are the two ways to accelerate a business.

Gary was able to provide my company with the necessary tools and connect me with people that enabled me to assess my progress. Through those networks and introductions, I was able to transform my business from a training company to a technology company.

Gary is like someone who has already climbed Mount Everest -- from being a founder to achieving an exit that exceeded a billion dollars. He did it once, and you could argue it was luck. But to do it twice is truly unique. I did not find this level of experience with other accelerators.

Now, I am set to climb Mount Everest, and Gary is the person who has been there before - at the summit where I aim to be. The difference is that he wants to help me get there, which is not something I have experienced with other accelerators.

Joining GSD Labs was the best decision I made last year, and it continues to help me build a meaningful, sustainable, and profitable business that I am building towards a unicorn status.” - Founder & CEO of The Safe Steps Dave Smith

GSD is excited to continue our work as one of the premier accelerators in the world of startups and continue to select, nurture and connect the best startups from every corner of the globe. Meet the next generation of global unicorns from GSD below!

5th Universe offers an GenAI-assisted, interactive and immersive proprietary digital platform for our users to unleash their FULL human potential while implementing AI Superpower, and help them achieve QUANTUM level Nth DIMENSIONAL transcendental transformation. Based on Karolyn’s nonfiction book “5th & Beyond.”

Cerebrum is an award-winning developer of Intelligent (AI) Tire Solutions: real-time

Tire analytics like tread depth, load, and alignment.

Simplenight is enabling hyper personalized infrastructure for the connected future to be able to book, order or reserve everything, anywhere, at any time. They work with governments and enterprises that want to earn more revenue and receive more data from their consumers to drive long-term loyalty and personalization.

Simplenight offers a customizable white label booking engine, universal API and rewards and loyalty program that creates a holistic view of consumer data. They cover more than 5,000 cities spanning 190 countries and growing. Their content supplier network extends to any product or service category available

IoTeeDom is a SaaS intelligent city solution for impact monitoring and financing. Their headquarter is based in Pompano Beach, Florida and they have offices located in the US, France, Ghana and India.

Eyedaptic is Restoring Vision with AI and Augmented Reality for over 250 million people

worldwide with Central Vision Loss, targeting Macular Degeneration. This costs the healthcare system >$350B annually. Their AI/ML Adaptive Technologies make a huge impact for these people, their vision, and quality of life.

Bitwage streamlines global workforce management processes by integrating cryptocurrency and fiat currency with workforce on-boarding and payment processing. HR and Finance admins save hours paying global workforces, while workers receive more of their salary, faster.

If any of these companies pique your interest and you would like an introduction regarding employment, advising, sales, or investment, please contact


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