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GSD Labs Begins Biggest Cohort Ever! 14 Top Startups to #GoGlobal!!

Silicon Valley, CA September 6, 2021 — GSD Labs, a project of GSD Venture Studios, is thrilled to announce our third 2021 cohort. Challenging times require innovative concepts and also a world without borders. We are thrilled to have a diverse group of founders, with roots and operations in at least twenty counties (including India, Singapore, Nigeria, China, Austria, South Africa, UAE, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Australia, and the United States).

23% of this cohort’s startups are led by women and 71% are led by minorities or founders from emerging markets. These future unicorns’ tech verticals include AI/ML, blockchain, ed-tech, HR tech, healthcare sectors, and more.

“By helping talented teams accelerate their startups, GSD hopes to create a more inclusive and diverse startup ecosystem that drives lasting economic growth,” explains CEO Gary Fowler.

Introducing the Fall 2021 cohort:


Fabrik is a no-code, web-based development software for enterprise companies. The smart assistant is for core engineering sectors and solves deployment, maintenance, and repair challenges of complex equipment in remote locations. In sectors where downtime has catastrophic consequences, XR and IoT provide quick resolutions and connect all customers, maintenance crews, and remote experts in the same collaborative session with the right tools to get systems back up and running.


Distichain is a platform that delivers marketplaces as a service (MaaS) to importers/exporters. This will transform trade with a full-stack solution utilizing APIs, blockchain, and AI. The border and size agnostic platform delivers security, simplicity, and empowerment for a $40t opportunity.


In a medical first, world-renowned iodine chemist Jack Kessler isolated and stabilized molecular iodine (I2). This molecule occurs naturally in the body and kills all known viruses, bacteria, and fungi, including COVID-19. I2pure’s proprietary chemistry has the potential to prevent and cure the world of disease and infection that currently impacts more than 1 billion people.

Niral Networks

Niral Networks provides “private 5G infrastructure as a service” for last-mile connectivity. The open-source application (like Red Hat for private 5G) is agnostic to vendors with unlimited devices connected at scale.

Superfluid Labs

Superfluid Labs is an enterprise SaaS platform that expands credit access in underserved markets. Their algorithms use transactional data to predict credit scores, future business events, and behaviors to enhance trust for all aspects of commerce.


Xoxoday is a pay-as-you-go SAAS that combines rewards with powerful applications for different enterprise users like sales teams, employees, consumers, dealers, survey panelists, gig workers, and customer success teams.


Empuls is an HR SaaS that enables employers to drive employee engagement and reward performance. Surveys, feedback, and data analysis help organizations build a culture of appreciation, join teams together, eliminate silos and provide a voice to every employee in the organization.


Scanbo’s point of care platform and medical device uses blood and ECG testing synthesized via machine learning with medical history, daily activities, genomic and metagenomic data to predict looming health issues.


VoiceScript’s digital court reporting services modernize the industry with proprietary state-of-the-art speech recognition, AI & RPA. The platform allows court reporting agencies to quickly digitize and scale court reporting, reduce costs by 75% while also cutting delivery times of certified legal transcripts from weeks to hours.


ACKTEC is a global ed-tech company that provides AI-powered adaptive learning. With ACKTEC, organizations can digitize, scale, and commercialize their content for both students and employees. The SaaS platform ushers in the first generation of immersive education with proprietary IoT and AR tools.

Awesome Container Company

For restaurants offering takeout, ACC offers recurring delivery of clean, reusable metal containers and pickup of used containers from customers, cutting packaging costs by 50% and eliminating millions of tons of single-use packaging.

Sparkles Dating

COVID has kept singles locked inside without human connection for the last 18 months. Today, singles are swiping left and right and still fail to make genuine, in-person connections. Sparkles Dating uses the power of AI to match the right people with hyper-personalized experiences to form a genuine connection.


Most organizations do not know how to solve conflicts or drive innovation. UP’N’CHANGE provides digital tools for 24/7 stress relief, goal creation and execution. Combining psychological expertise, step-by-step guides and proprietary algorithms, UP’N’CHANGE provides instant, on-demand self-help to reduce stress and drive progress for enterprise business and personal use.


ImageProVision is a cloud-based SAAS focused on upgrading microscopes with computer vision to determine microscopic shapes, size, and formulation of particles. Unlike the competition, their software understands the missing chemistries of any material. While currently focused on pharma but has implications from micro-surgery to industrial machines.


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