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GSD Labs Partners with Stonks to Host Cohort 8 Demo Day

  • Stonks is a live, demo day-only ecosystem to connect investors to startups. demo days are aired on the platform and investors can interact with founders, ask questions, and pledge investment. Company profiles allow viewers to take a deeper dive into companies and get connected for seven days following each event

  • Graduates of Cohort 8 have completed GSD’s 15-week program, which includes hands-on sessions to make measurable differences in sales and marketing, speed dating meetings with mentors/investors, strategy and direction for investor interfacing, and direct connection to GSD’s network of investors.

As GSD’s 8th cohort comes to a close, we are proud to announce our partnership with Stonks. This Friday, July 22nd at 1 PM EST, GSD will present 14 startups who have completed our 15-week accelerator and are ready to #GoGlobal. (Join us here!)

GSD’s virtual accelerator was established to help founders from around the world weather the storm of the pandemic and pop the Silicon Valley bubble. As difficult as this was when travel was unrestricted, it became impossible once the world shut down. Enter GSD Labs- a completely virtual program led by Silicon Valley veteran Gary Fowler culminating with an online demo day where all founders pitch to over 100 investors. In the past, these events were presented via Zoom and while the platform certainly worked, it left much to be desired.

“At GSD Labs, we are constantly on the hunt for ways to improve the experience of our founders. Though we have had much success with previous demo days, we immediately recognized the value of Stonks and felt that our founders and network of investors will recognize it too,” said Gary Fowler, CEO, and Founder of GSD Venture Studios.

Stonks recognized that fundraising is one of the most painful, time-consuming, and yet necessary parts of building a startup and set out to do something about it. After raising a $15m round led by Andreessen Horowitz, they built a platform dedicated exclusively to hosting demo days, which is off to a brilliant start.

“They have thought of everything. Their company profiles are succinct yet comprehensive, giving potential investors everything they need to decide if they want to take the relationship to the next level. The back end for our founders and myself is also robust and easy to work with, which has been a delight,” said Nick Bravante Partner at GSD Venture Studios and Program Manager of GSD Labs.

To date, Stonks has generated $800m+ in investment interest, facilitated thousands of intros and transactions, and built a world-class platform for partners to host demo days. This Friday, GSD will help boost these numbers further, with 14 top startups in AI, Fintech, Crypto, MedTech, Logistics, Future of Work, and Mobility.

Join us on Stonks here and read about each company that is pitching below.

ABC Fintech

ABC offers investors an ownership interest in commercial real estate through a digital security called the ABC Token. This method of fractionalizing through tokenization lowers the barrier to entry for investors and captures the benefits of blockchain technology by providing instantaneous transfers of value and 24/7 trading.

AMW Tech

AMW Tech uses AI and machine learning to help companies, ad buyers and media agencies better understand their audiences to hyper-personalize their online video advertising campaigns. The B2B SaaS gathers data ethically, without the use of cookies so as to not invade user privacy.

Boltzmann Labs

Boltzmann labs is reimagining drug discovery to reduce risk, time, and cost. Their no-code, cloud-based, AI solutions automate the drug design process for target identification, protein design, small molecule design, and small molecule synthesis.

Bombax Logistics

Shipping in India is a mess, with arbitrary transit times, lost packages, and limitations on where packages can be shipped to and from. Bombax enables customers to choose transit time based on priority, eradicates lost packages, and enables shipping to and from anywhere in India, even remote areas.


CareerEngine integrates with existing collaboration tools (Slack/email/ calendar/Atlassian) to automate team performance insights, drive 360-degree feedback, and scale productivity/performance. The freemium SaaS platform delivers contextual and continuous performance outcomes to remote hybrid teams at scale.


Cnext enables company-wide decision augmentation and automation to anticipate, respond to, and drive competitive advantage. The platform turns employees into superhumans by combining human intuition with AI to optimize and align decisions with business strategy and goals.


delta.theta is an American options DEX where any trader can buy and sell options on the most volatile crypto assets. Focused on 2nd tier tokens like BNB, AAVE, MATIC, and DOT, the platform offers unique trading services and enables customers to make regulated p2p options trades.


EVI Technologies has designed and commercialized low-cost and technologically superior electric vehicle charging stations for India. Designed to address the lack of charging infrastructure, India cannot go green without EVIT.

ECP Pharma

ECP Pharma is an early-stage pharmaceutical research company focused on creating novel drugs to target central nervous conditions that today have no mainstream treatment options. ECP Pharma has combined psychedelic and cannabinoid compounds to potentially treat several diseases such as mild traumatic brain injury and mild cognitive impairment, which cumulatively affect more than 200 million people on an annual basis.

Holoware Computers

Computing is moving to a new dimension. Today, Holoware manufactures mini workstations that are AR/VR enabled, catering to the needs of any user in need of a powerful and portable computer to develop for the future (3D animators, engineers, gamers, architects, designers, and scientists). Tomorrow, Holoware will provide holographic computers to bring 3D to life at the hardware level.


In a medical first, LongTermGevity has isolated and stabilized psilocin to treat musculoskeletal disorders like lower back pain and spinal cord injury. Psilocin is the active form of psilocybin targeting 5HT receptors to induce pain reduction and neuron repair. LTG’s proprietary chemistry has the potential to help rehabilitate the world from its leading causes of disability that currently impact 1.7b people.


Each person has different natural physical limitations that prevent their ability to optimize their quality of life. Medicise uses AI and historical medical data to shift healthcare from reactive to proactive and identify disease before it is too late.


SmartMoney combines a proprietary cloud-based digital banking platform with grassroots financial education to scalably acquire 800 million unserved and difficult to access African banking clients with an astonishingly low $3 customer acquisition cost.


Spendwisor is a fintech SaaS that is revolutionizing retail via mobile POS by combining card payments, a loyalty program a service (LaaS), buy now/pay later cashback features, and direct marketing to drive loyalty for retailers.

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