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GSD Labs: Spring 2021 Cohort

Silicon Valley, CA May 21, 2021 — GSD Labs, a project of GSD Venture Studios, is thrilled to announce our second 2021 cohort. Challenging times require innovative concepts and also a world without borders. We are thrilled to have a diverse group of founders, from India, Nigeria, Israel, Eastern Europe, and the United States, all working on future unicorns in AI, cryptocurrency, fintech, healthcare, and more.

“Joining GSD’s global accelerator connects great founders and teams to tried and true growth tactics and the world’s best network of mentors and investing partners” explains CEO Gary Fowler.

Co-founder Derek Distenfield was recently interviewed about the program here.

Although this cohort was launched this week, the virtual program is taking rolling admissions. You can apply here.

Introducing the 2021 cohort:

Aladdin Digital Bank

Aladdin is the world's first digital open bank to combine banking and commerce. Aladdin Bank supports your hustle by giving you the tools you need to save, borrow, and make payments while buying and selling products and services on the platform.


Quickread is a content monetization engine that allows readers to subscribe to literary works and pay by percent of volume consumed, per page/chapter read or time spent reading. The platform’s pay-as-you-go model eliminates the cost and necessity of photocopying and enables users to pay just for what they need, rather than entire volumes, books, or subscriptions.

Brik Exchange

Brik Exchange is a hybrid banking platform between decentralized financial instruments and traditional US banking gateways. They build self-custody solutions for digital money with blockchain, Brik checking accounts and real estate-backed stablecoin.

Maya MD

MayaMD is an AI-powered clinical intelligence platform designed to enhance physician-patient communication and collaboration to provide an optimal health care experience. The platform can process symptoms, lab results, and past medical history to replicate how a physician would approach a patient to democratize healthcare, reduce patient cost and boost hospital margins.

Kite Financial

Kite Financial facilitates the adoption of cryptocurrencies by simplifying access via the use of Kite Wallet. Our platform facilitates crypto-fiat conversion, P2P crypto trading, payments with crypto, and more.

SmartUp Tech

SmartUp is an ed-tech company that provides SIS and LMS solutions by incorporating/digitizing/commercializing formal and informal education. Starting with K1 and following users through their lifelong learning journey, SmartUp educates those eager to learn across West Africa & beyond.

YelyPay Credit

YelyPay brings total security to credit card users and eliminates credit card fraud. YelyPay’s patented, multi-factor cyber-security authentication provides customers on both sides of transactions the confidentiality necessary to protect their funds and identity. Our solution goes beyond just credit cards and utilizes a more secure means of verification to prove transactions are between authentic buyers and sellers. With YelyPay, credit card fraud will become a thing of the past.


SplitByte is the first true safe harbor in data protection to render system breaches ineffective and provide total data compliance. Distributed, fault-tolerant cryptographic technology (secret sharing) securely stores sensitive enterprise information by splitting data into information-less pieces and geo-dispersing it. SplitByte’s “provable security methodology” converts data into meaningless fragments, neutralizing all methods of cyber-attack.


CREBACO helps the unregulated cryptocurrency industry adhere to the legal, financial, and tech compliances of global governments. Our comprehensive research database of over 2500+ crypto and blockchain projects globally helps governments, regulators, special economic zones, institutional investors, and industry participants to be compliant in their use of crypto assets around the world.

GFresh Agrotech

GFresh Agrotech is a tech-enabled disruptive B2B supply chain company revolutionizing the vegetable supply chain in India and creating a significant impact by empowering small farmers.

O2 Services is a fog computing cloud platform designed to reuse idle computational and storage resources owned by companies and the crowd. The B2B2C software solution acts as a communication bridge between participating devices and business applications usually running on cloud platforms like AWS/Azure/GCP, but the O2 platform replaces data centers with crowd-sourced storage.


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