GSD Partners with Siberian Accelerator A:Start Academpark

On a recent visit to Siberia, Derek had the opportunity to meet with key leaders, give powerful keynote presentations, and establish strategic partnerships. During his visit, Derek toured a top accelerator called A:Start Academpark. This accelerator is one of the best programs in Russia for launching innovative start-ups in the field of instrumentation, information technology, nano-biotechnology, and medicine.

One of the entrepreneurs Derek met with is Vladimir Volobuev of My Genetics. My Genetics is a unique spin on 23 and Me. My Genetics is consumer-friendly, providing guidance and recommendations based on your genetics for nutrition, immunity, skincare, and child development among others to improve health, well-being, and quality of life. Learn more about this company here:

This meeting resulted in a great understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Siberia and the establishment of a partnership between GSD and the Academpark Accelerator.

“We are thrilled to announce the exciting news of this new partnership with the Academpark Accelerator in Siberia!” - Gary Fowler

GSD will serve as mentors to the accelerator and will do a special demo day where founders will get to pitch their startups and the winners will be automatically accepted into GSD pre-USA accelerator called GSD Labs, with the ultimate goal of helping them #GoGlobal.

“We couldn’t be more excited to form this partnership, helping more and more Russian startups #GoGlobal” - Derek Distenfield

You can learn more about A:Start Academpark Accelerator here: