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GSD Partners with Startup Network

Last month, GSD Venture Studio launched their new show, Silicon Valley Tech & AI, hosted by Gary Fowler, Co-Founder and CEO of GSD. The show features interviews with thought leaders, bringing them together to speak about trends and directions in global technology and AI.

Since the inception of the show, GSD has partnered with Startup.Network to expand the reach and impact of the show.

"Our partnership with Startup Network will be a great way to serve the needs and interest of our global community" - Gary Fowler

Startup.Network is a professional network for participants on the venture market: startups, private investors and professional consultants.

The network unites Venture Capital market participants and helps:

- Entrepreneurs raise pre-seed and seed equity rounds

- Investors find outstanding startups

- Professionals monetize their knowledge, experience and network.

They have more than 20,000 startups and investment projects from 55 countries on their platform and have organized more than 100 Startup Battle on a regular bases in many different countries and in the Silicon Valley as well. The event is where entrepreneurs pitch their startup presentations to the investors.

They also started a Fundraising Acceleration Program for startups which intend on bringing world markets their products.

"We are thrilled about our growing network of influential partnerships and having Startup Network is definitely a plus!" - Derek Distenfield


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