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GSD Portfolio Company eezy nominated for ProductHunt Golden Kitty Award

The Golden Kitty Awards is a celebration of all the amazing products and makers on Product Hunt last year. Last week, members of the community nominated their favorite products, and it turns out, a lot of people were thinking of eezy.

Eezy harnesses the power of A.I., machine learning, and psychology to connect with new friends and new activities. The user-focused solution scans the web to match you with complementary personalities and activities eezy knows you and your new friends will love. The app went live on the platform on May 16th and made quite the splash, coming in the top three for the day and achieving 441 upvotes.

“We were very proud that eezy made the top three back in May, and ecstatic to be considered for the Golden Kitty awards. At GSD Venture Studios, we strive to work with only the most promising, cutting-edge startups, and eezy embodies this mission. The future of recommender apps is hyper-personalization- this, combined with their use of psychological profiling, we see eezy as the next unicorn in the recommender space.” said Gary Fowler, CEO of GSD Venture Studios.

For the uninitiated, Product Hunt “surfaces the best new products, every day. [and is] a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.” Founders use Product Hunt to release their apps, spread the word, and receive feedback from industry insiders.

“eezy’s success on Product Hunt validates what we at GSD already knew- A.I. has the power to enrich every aspect of our lives. Infobesity is a real problem and using technology to help users navigate their own schedules and the sea of opportunities around them, with like-minded individuals, is the future.” said Derek Distenfield, COO of GSD Venture Studios.

Click here to vote for eezy in The Golden Kitty Awards.


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