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Current realities present special requirements for security in mass gatherings in public places. If we want to gather in mass quantities we must consider innovative security technologies such as to reduce the threat to public safety.

Sporting events are a favorite pastime in many countries across the globe. They are a fun activity for the whole family. No one should have to live in uncertainty or fear when they should be enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately, these experiences can be spoiled by possible terrorist attacks, fights, bomb threats, virus outbreaks etc. Inadequate prevention in this area and disjointed actions of communication by management can put sports fans at risk. has created a collaboration platform to provide stadium security. Our goal was to combine innovative technology and human intelligence. The system involves the coordinated work of numerous organizations. The platform is simple in use and can be compared with a messenger that shares information in real-time. You see all the transmissions and search the object at runtime.

All you need to find the required person is to upload a picture. program immediately tells you when and where the wanted man appeared. The authorized personnel may take photos of the desired object and easily send it through the network. Detailed information about the person is returned immediately. The platform controls and informs authorized staff when strangers try to enter the secured area.

Next, we will discuss how the program is able to track vehicles. Traffic violations are automatically detected. The software processes the incoming data about traffic volume and congestion. With the recognition function, you can quickly identify the license plate numbers of the violator. The program can track the object between video cameras and make a map of the car in question. The recognition accuracy provides for constant improvement if needed. New features can be added to the platform. For example, you can install additional software to scan and analyze locations of mass crowding. The feature scans unattended subjects thereby reducing the risk of possible terrorist attacks. Components of the private cloud allow deploying resources easily. The system can involve an unlimited number of cameras and users. The service is available on-demand – there is no need to purchase additional equipment for sports venues.


  1.  Collaborative security. The program can be easily installed on any device (a stationary computer, a tablet, and a smartphone). We provide the messenger by which you communicate, receive pictures, video and notifications. The software is like a virtual war room.

  2.  Recognition of faces by means of artificial intelligence. Our unique technology enables locating wanted people through uploading their pictures. The system apprises you about the place and time of their appearance.

  3.  Due to the private cloud, no hardware is needed to monitor the sports objects.

  4.  VIP features and client analytics are available.

Compared to conventional video management systems, includes automatic control, scaling, and deployment. Ceph File System doesn’t require much spending, is scalable and self-regenerating. Cassandra database enables linear scalability. Occasional disruptions are eliminated. Video and audio search imply deep analysis. Provided data is characterized by high accuracy and synthesis.

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