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GSD PORTFOLIO COMPANY'S New AI Powered QR Codes Supercharge In-Person Networking

Runday, the always available AI for appointment growth, just released a high-performance QR code capability that instantly connects people like never before. By embedding your entire social profile and contact card, this new feature connects you to a new contact in a split second, and even works on an airplane with no internet connection.

The contact record includes a special link that instantly books a follow up based on both calendars. This reduces the time it takes to go back and forth to find a good time from days or weeks to seconds.The new capability is now available as part of Runday’s Core tier which is available to individuals for free and accelerates hiring, sales and service appointments.

“With the new QR code feature, we are taking convenience to the next level and revolutionizing the way in-person networkers handle appointment scheduling,” said Founder and CEO, Sanjay Bhatia.

Since its launch in 2022, Runday's patented ai-powered B2B platform has seen 10x quarterly growth and the platform boasts over 20,000 users. The patented system uses a nano-services architecture to deliver industry leading performance using edge networks to hundreds of organizations.

About is an Always Available AI for Appointment Growth. The platform builds enterprise-level Generative AI Chatbots (like ChatGPT) that answer questions and book appointments with human-like text messages. The no-code solution creates production bots in minutes vs. months that augment your team 24x7.


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