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GSD Super Scaler Launches 16th Cohort With 5 Startups

  • These startups will participate in GSD’s 15-week program which includes hands-on sessions to make measurable differences in sales and marketing, speed-dating meetings with mentors/investors, strategy and direction for investor interfacing, and direct connection to GSD’s network of investors. A virtual demo day is the culmination of the accelerator where each founder presents to over 140 investors in attendance.

  • GSD travels the world in search of resilient entrepreneurs bold enough to #GoGlobal. This cohort includes a diverse group of founders with roots in the USA and United Kingdom.

GSD Venture Studio’s 15-week accelerator, GSD Super Scaler has just launched yet another cohort of future unicorns. Challenging times require innovative concepts and a world without borders. The tech verticals of these exceptional startups include SaaS, Healthcare, HR, PR, Non-profit, Personal Finance, Beauty and Cosmetics.

GSD Venture Studios’ Founder and CEO Gary Fowler is a seasoned venture builder, who directs strategy based on his own success as a founder. Gary is well aware that 90% of startups fail, and that these failures are usually because companies run out of money. The entrepreneur’s dilemma is usually that they have a great idea but neither the money to grow nor the traction to raise. This is where GSD Super Scaler comes in and injects tried and true tactics to growth hack sales and position startups for funding.

"Challenging times call for innovative solutions, and at GSD Super Scaler, we're on a mission to transform exceptional startups into future unicorns. Our 15-week accelerator program empowers resilient entrepreneurs to break boundaries and go global. We understand that 90% of startups fail due to financial constraints, and that's where GSD Super Scaler steps in, injecting tried and true tactics to supercharge sales and prepare startups for the funding they deserve." - Gary Fowler, Founder & CEO of GSD Venture Studios

Gary and his team have shown me how to take my business to the next level and incorporate Generative AI and hyper personalization to change people’s lives,” says Mark Halberstein, Founder & CEO of Simplenight.

“GSD Labs is a gamechanger! Gary and his amazing team are like no other. Gary's network and experience is unmatched, especially in Generative AI. GSD Labs was incredibly valuable and important to the growth of our company. Gary and his amazing team began collaborating with me from Day One. I received weekly introductions to potential and qualified investors and strategic partners. I got to attend weekly networking and ideation sessions with other exceptional entrepreneurs. I received constant unwavering support for building my business and refining my pitch, materials, data room, business model and overall value proposition. Most importantly, Gary and his team have the success and experience in building Generative AI businesses. They have shown me how to take my business to the next level and incorporate Generative AI and hyper personalization to change people's lives. We are so excited for our future collaborations together with the GSD Labs team!”

GSD is excited to continue our work as one of the premier accelerators in the world of startups and continue to select, nurture and connect the best startups from every corner of the globe. Meet the next generation of global unicorns from GSD below!

mxHERO provides an innovative technology that captures corporate email content and helps organizations secure, manage, and understand it in unique ways. Our customers are businesses of all sizes, from small law firms to 20,000-employee enterprises. Our services are sold in a SaaS subscription model.

Freemium SaaS model designed to unite channels of professional communication for healthcare professionals. This is a mobile application and a web-based platform.

Encast, derived from the French word "encastrez" meaning "to embed," seamlessly integrates into HR, Financial Services, and Retail platforms, enhancing product offerings with social impact opportunities. While aiding businesses in fostering stronger culture alignment from staff to customers, Encast has been emphasizing Inspire™, its revolutionary, patent pending portfolio giving technology to reshape influencer fan engagement through curated fundraising and curated social media portals. Encast elevates brand affinity and drives meaningful social impact: creating a win-win for people, influencers, businesses, and society.

Lura is an innovative beauty and cosmetic company that is using patented, quantum processes to offer a nitric-oxide / nipa palm skin care line. Lura is looking to leverage AI and precision wellness to personalize recommendations for Lura customers. Lura has a direct to consumer sales model and is exploring an AI service fee and AI marketing fee model is an advanced highly customizable personal finance application designed to streamline money management. We are targeting the 15% of Americans in the U.S. that lose a collective $400B every year due to lack of access to insightful and user-friendly budgeting tools. Our business model is subscription based.


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