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GSD Venture Studios Announces Acquisition of Rehaboo! by EvokAI Creative Labs

GSD Venture Studios, a renowned venture builder and startup hyper-accelerator, is excited to announce the successful acquisition of Rehaboo!, one of its esteemed hyper-accelerator companies, by EvokAI Creative Labs. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and underscores the value of strategic partnerships in fostering innovation within the healthcare sector.

Rehaboo! has gained recognition for its exceptional physical gamification platform, which utilizes high-definition motion-sensing technology and AI. The platform's versatility and effectiveness in promoting an active lifestyle and brain health in any environment have positioned Rehaboo! as a leader in the MedTech industry.

Peter Green, CEO of Rehaboo!, attributes a portion of the company's achievements to its participation in the global hyper-accelerator program offered by GSD Labs. Led by visionary entrepreneur and venture builder, Gary Fowler, GSD Labs has provided invaluable support, mentorship, and resources to numerous startups on their journey towards success. Green further acknowledges the significant impact of GSD Labs' guidance, which has enabled Rehaboo! to grow and develop into a global player.

EvokAI Creative Labs, a leading MedTech AI-powered company, is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through the development of innovative and cutting-edge technologies. The acquisition of Rehaboo! allows EvokAI to leverage Rehaboo!'s expertise and state-of-the-art gamification platform to enhance their offerings and make a significant impact on the well-being of individuals worldwide.

The acquisition of Rehaboo! by EvokAI Creative Labs exemplifies the power of collaboration and underscores GSD Venture Studios' commitment to fostering innovation and facilitating the growth of promising startups. This success story serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs and reinforces the value of strategic partnerships in achieving long-term success.

About GSD Venture Studios

GSD Venture Studios is a leading venture builder, startup hyper-accelerator and Family Office that identifies, invests in, and nurtures exceptional startups worldwide. With a vast network of experts, resources, and strategic partners, GSD Venture Studios empowers entrepreneurs to drive innovation and create disruptive technologies across various industries.

About Rehaboo!

Rehaboo! is a Digital Health company that has developed a versatile physical gamification platform based on high-definition motion-sensing technology and AI. By promoting an active lifestyle and brain health in any environment, Rehaboo! aims to enhance the well-being of individuals and revolutionize the way people approach physical fitness.

About EvokAI Creative Labs

EvokAI Creative Labs is a leading MedTech AI-powered company committed to developing transformational and innovative technologies for the healthcare sector. By leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, EvokAI aims to revolutionize patient care and improve health outcomes on a global scale.

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