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GSD Venture Studios Launches GSD Syndicates

Gain Access To Venture Capital Investment With Syndicates

Venture Capital is an enticing investment vehicle for several reasons- sexy tech startups and shows like Shark Tank coupled with explosive growth resulting in billion-dollar returns make wanna-be VCs out of almost anyone aware of the space. Adding to the allure, there has been a high barrier to entry, with access reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals with industry connections. While savvy investors lacking the network and account balance were forced to sit on the sidelines, the mega-rich made billions on investments in everything from the most notable social media startups to behind-the-scenes MedTech ideas.

To broaden access to VC investment, GSD Venture Studios is proud to announce the launch of GSD Syndicates. Every day, we at GSD nurture and support amazing startups from around the globe. A significant part of our work is connecting our founders with VC funding to kickstart explosive growth. These relationships, while great for our startups and the VCs, leave family, friends, employees, and the general public on the sideline. The syndicate fund allows for smaller investments to be assembled into an amount large enough to earn an allocation in a funding round.

“We see GSD Syndicates as a way to expose underserved investors to the benefits of venture capital investment as well, further broadening our ability to serve intelligent people without the privilege of connections.” - Gary Fowler, CEO, and Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios

Inspired by the strength of GSD’s alumni, we will be selecting our most promising companies to offer for syndication. The program will allow accredited investors to invest a minimum of $5,000 into our preferred companies and will earn all investors pro-rata rights.

Invest Your IRA in The Latest Tech Startup

To further broaden the opportunity, GSD has partnered with Alto, a self-directed IRA platform that allows members to invest their retirement fund into alternative investments like real estate, cryptocurrency, and of course, venture capital. Traditional retirement accounts allow the investor to have very little control and are low risk, and while everyone has a different tolerance for risk, low-risk investments typically have low rewards. For more information on self-directed IRAs, please see our recent blog post on Self-Directed IRAs.

“We see our partnership with Alto as a great way for friends and family of founders, as well as anyone who isn’t especially liquid at the moment, to use their retirement account to make investments in exciting startups they believe in and would otherwise not have access to,” says Derek Distenfield, COO of GSD Venture Studios.

To stay in the loop on upcoming syndicate deals, please contact Derek at


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