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GSD Venture Studios Partners with Wefunder to Reimagine How Capital Is Raised

GSD Venture Studios is in constant pursuit of new and innovative ways to broaden access to investors for our accelerator and portfolio companies. In yet another effort to do so, we are proud to announce the launch of our partnership with Wefunder. The platform allows founders to raise capital from their community, enabling everyday people to invest as little as $100 in ideas and startups they love.

“A significant part of our work is connecting our founders with VC funding to kickstart explosive growth. These relationships, while great for our startups and the VCs, leave family, friends, employees, and the general public on the sideline. Wefunder is a great way for everyone to bet on companies they are passionate about and truly believe in”- Gary Fowler, CEO, and Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios

GSD has established a portal on Wefunder, which can be accessed here. Investors will have the opportunity to invest in all of the many promising companies that come through our accelerator and venture studio, in industries such as A.I., health tech, fintech, the metaverse, crypto, and more.

“We at GSD have been looking for a way to broaden investment ability for non-accredited investors in our companies and are so happy to have established this partnership with Wefunder. They have a very user-friendly platform that finally allows us to reach many interested, but previously locked-out investors. A lot of what we do at GSD is in an effort to level the playing field for those without special connections. Previously, this effort was just for startups, but with Wefunder we can further this mission with everyday investors.”- Derek Distenfield, COO, and Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios

Please stay tuned as GSD populates our landing page with companies.

“GSD is accelerating and empowering founders, and Wefunder helps those founders raise capital. Derek and his team are ballers, and we're excited to partner in getting more community-sourced capital flowing to their portfolio companies.” - Jonny Price, VP of Fundraising at Wefunder

About GSD Venture Studios: Led by the thesis that “Intellectual capacity is evenly spread throughout the world, but opportunity is not” GSD travels the globe to locate and cultivate promising startups that are locked out of Silicon Valley due to political, social, and cultural dynamics. Many companies lack the funds, packaging, and messaging needed to #GoGlobal. We have created a model to solve this problem through our accelerator, promote inclusive entrepreneurship, and produce top-tier returns.

About Wefunder: Wefunder is a platform that allows founders to raise capital from their customers and community, as well as rich people. Wefunder is a Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to “help get 20,000 more founders off the ground by 2029.”


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