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GSD Venture Studios Selects XCOOP for Global Expansion

XCOOP signed a joint venture with GSD Venture Studios to accelerate global expansion of this fintech born in Latin America. GSD, led by Gary Fowler and Derek Distenfield, already successfully launched 15 start-ups globally.

This agreement ensures that Fowler and Distenfield will take an active role and will assume executive positions in XCOOP Global as chairman of the board and CRO to carry out the goals of global expansion and growth.

"We believe that XCOOP has all the necessary ingredients to be a global success story. They have come this far with great effort and a lot of talent, something that we detected and can empower to take them to the next level," said Gary Fowler, GSD Venture Studios and the new chairman of XCOOP Global.

"We are on track to become the number one peer to peer international money transfer service in the world and partnering with GSD Venture Studios will accelerate us even faster," said the founder of XCOOP, Alex Torriglia.

GSD Venture Studios creates innovative artificial intelligence companies that are pushing the limits on how emerging technologies are built and used. The companies in the GSD portfolio have achieved execution rates of $ 2 million to $ 100 million, from workplace technology to aging in place. GSD is expanding rapidly as it captures top talent to help #GoGlobal businesses.

In addition, GSD Labs, a partner company, functions as an accelerator focused on helping international companies obtain financing and expand in the United States and beyond. "We are thrilled that GSD Venture Studios will help us restructure the company's internal processes to launch the operation successfully in the North American market and from there scale globally," explained Torriglia.


XCOOP is the first digital remittance company that integrates electronic and mobile payments based on money remittances from, to and between the countries of Latin America and to other countries.

Published in MarketWatch

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yunas iqbal
yunas iqbal
Feb 16, 2021

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