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GSDLabs 2021 Startup Demo Day Cohort 3

GSDLabs Helps Startups Turn Ideas into Reality

The GSDLabs 2021 cohort came together for an epic demo day after ten weeks of hard work and dedication with the common goal of building a future unicorn to pitch to investors. There were eight globally diverse participants such as India, Nigeria, Israel, and Eastern Europe, spanning AI, fintech, healthcare, cryptocurrency, and more. The mission of GSDLabs is to bridge the gap we so often see for early-stage companies with the lack of resources, support, guidance, and connections needed to #GoGlobal.

“The vision for Entrepreneur 2.0 looks like a globally diverse team that is decentralized with inter-generational talent combining experienced guys with battle scars and young guys with fresh, new ideas.” - COO Derek Distenfield.

This will be the third cohort of GSDLabs to bring the best international talent to Silicon Valley, giving unicorns the opportunity to become future category kings. In this article, we will recap the eight companies in the third cohort of GSDLabs.

“As a third cohort wraps up, we couldn’t be more proud of the work these guys put in, and I’m excited to see where they go from here” - CEO Gary Fowler.

You can watch the entire event GSD Labs Cohort 3 Demo Day here.

SmartUp Tech

SmartUp is an ed-tech company that provides SIS and LMS solutions by incorporating/digitizing/commercializing formal and informal education. Every child has a right to fundamental education, but unfortunately, basic education is reserved for the privileged few in Africa. The AI-powered SmartUp technology seeks to solve this educational crisis. Starting at the elementary level, SmartUp follows users on their lifelong learning journey to create personalized educational opportunities for each user’s unique learning style. They are on a mission to make learning fun, interactive, economical, and accessible for every African and beyond. SmartUp Tech is seeking 4 million for content management, service delivery, product engineering, and sales and marketing.


SplitByte is breach-proofing the world’s data. They are the first true safe harbor in data protection to render system breaches ineffective and provide total data compliance. SplitByte protects your data by disarming current and future system threats, neutralizing insider threats, avoid data breach losses and more. They are seeking a seed round of $2 million with an 18-month runway for product development, business development, and operating expenditures.


QuickRead is a content monetization engine that allows readers to subscribe to literary works and pay by percent of volume consumed, per page/chapter read or time spent reading. The platform’s pay-as-you-go model eliminates the cost and necessity of photocopying and enables users to pay just for what they need, rather than entire volumes, books, or subscriptions. The QuickRead platform is designed to give authors better ROI, wider reach and consumption, and the ability to control and protect their content. They are in communication with two publishing bodies, two educational institutions on-boarded, and 30+ authors signed up. QuickRead is seeking 300K to reach 2M+ readers, promote brand awareness, hire talent, business improvement, and more.


MayaMD is an AI-powered clinical intelligence platform designed to enhance physician-patient communication and collaboration to provide an optimal health care experience in India. The platform can process symptoms, lab results, and past medical history to replicate how a physician would approach a patient to democratize healthcare, reduce patient cost and boost hospital margins. In addition, Maya allows patients to have their own personal health assessment, which can provide a fast differential diagnosis in less than two minutes for 7000 plus conditions. MayaMD is asking for $1M US dollars to advance the accuracy and efficiency of medicine, and 45% of the funds will be utilized for sales, 35% for marketing efforts, 20% for product customization and pilots.

Kite Financial

Kite Financial facilitates the adoption of cryptocurrencies by simplifying access via the use of the Kite Wallet. Our platform enables crypto-fiat conversion, P2P crypto trading, payments with crypto, and more. Kite’s goal is to make using crypto as easy as posting on Facebook. They have already participated in 2 accelerators, secured 6K users, four partnerships, and 31K in revenue. In addition, Kite Financial has already secured a VC investment from Silicon Valley-based GoAhead Ventures while participating in the accelerator, which will go towards product improvement and marketing while founder Mario Egie continues his mission to raise awareness of Blockchain technology across Africa. You can read more about this exciting announcement here.

O2 Services is a fog computing cloud platform designed to reuse idle computational and storage resources owned by companies and the crowd. The B2B2C software solution acts as a communication bridge between participating devices and business applications usually running on cloud platforms like AWS/Azure/GCP, but the O2 platform replaces data centers with crowd-sourced storage. They are asking for $2M for global business expansion, localization and pilots, product development, and corporate infrastructure. Some key objectives are $5M ARR in 2022, 8X revenue growth YoY and 80M+ operational cloud nodes.

Aladdin Bank

Aladdin is the world's first digital open bank to combine banking and commerce. Aladdin Bank supports your hustle by giving you the tools you need to save, borrow, and make payments while buying and selling products and services on the platform. They have reached $1.5M in transactions in the first six months with 30K downloads and $115K in average deposits. They have also secured several partnerships with companies such as Flutterwave and Paystack. Aladdin operates as a “traditional bank meets gig economy,” which facilitates up to 15 income streams. They seek $1.5M seed investment for product, marketing, regulatory and recurrent expenditure, and more.

Brik Exchange

Brik Exchange is a hybrid banking platform between decentralized financial instruments and traditional US banking gateways. They build self-custody solutions for digital money with blockchain, Brik checking accounts, and real estate-backed stablecoin.


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