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GSDLabs’ Company Kite Financial Secures Silicon Valley VC Investment-GoAhead Ventures

GSD Venture Studios is thrilled to announce Kite Financial, a star participant in GSDLabs spring cohort has secured a seed round from Silicon Valley-based GoAhead Ventures. Founded in the fastest growing tech hub in Abuja, Nigeria, by Mario Egie in 2018, the Kite Financial platform simplifies crypto-fiat conversion, P2P crypto trading, payments with crypto, and more with the use of 'Kite Wallet.’

Kite Financial’s mission is to empower financial well-being across Africa by developing B2C and B2B cryptocurrency and blockchain services. They aim to make cryptocurrency more spendable and reliable while addressing underlying challenges in the continent.

"I have worked in technology in Silicon Valley for 30 Years, and Mario is the right leader at the right time." - Gary Fowler

Over the last year, GSD has taken a particular interest in Lagos Nigeria, which has quickly become a tech hub for fintech and crypto startups. Derek took a trip to Lagos to work closely with the growing entrepreneurial community and has seen firsthand Nigerian entrepreneurs’ talent and work ethic.

"We are thrilled to see Kite Financial soar to great heights in the field of crypto-currency," says GSD Co-Founder Derek Distenfield.

GoAhead Ventures, a Silicon-Valley based investor, whose mission is to work with entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of their company, recognizes that the crypto space is a $3 trillion global market that will make sending money available to everyone.

“The Kite Financial approach to financial transparency impressed us in Silicon Valley explains Managing Partner Phil Brady

Founder and CEO Mario Egie plans to continue raising funds and investing in marketing and product improvement while continuing his mission to raise awareness of Blockchain technology across Africa.

We are excited to continue the journey to a simple, transparent financial ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond” - Mario Egie, Founder of Kite Financial

About Kite Financial:

Kite Financial facilitates the adoption of cryptocurrencies by enabling access via the use of Kite Wallet. Our platform simplifies crypto-fiat conversion, P2P crypto trading, payments with crypto, and more.

More information about Kite Financial can be found here:


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