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GSDLabs Empowers Global Startups to Achieve Unicorn Status

GSDLabs recently concluded its 2023 cohort program, which spanned 15 weeks of intensive effort and dedication. The cohort comprised six participants from diverse global regions such as Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, the U.S., and Israel, working on projects spanning Worktech, Healthtech, AI, ESG, Edtech, and more. GSDLabs aims to help companies overcome the challenges of limited resources, guidance, support, and connections to realize their full potential on a global scale.

The 12th cohort of GSDLabs featured a unique mix of inter-generational talent, including experienced professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and young innovators with fresh, new ideas.

With its 12th cohort, GSDLabs continues to support and nurture international talent and empower startups to achieve unicorn status and make a significant impact on the world stage. CEO Gary Fowler expressed his pride in the dedication and hard work of the 12th cohort and looks forward to seeing where their efforts take them next.

“The six companies that participated in the 12th cohort of GSDLabs include some of the most promising startups in their respective sectors. GSDLabs continues to make significant strides in its mission to bridge the gap between startups and global success. The team at GSDLabs is filled with pride for the hard work put in by the participants, and eagerly anticipates the promising future of their ventures” - CEO Gary Fowler.

You can watch the entire event GSD Labs Cohort 12 Demo Day here.

Anyone within an organization can draw a flowchart using off the shelf tools such as Visio, or Powerpoint to describe a process or transaction. DragOnFlow converts flowcharts into a dialogue based interactive application accessible via the web, mobile or IM. DragOnFlow “brings to life” the different shapes in the flowchart into buttons, instructions, calculations and more.

An Agriculture Decision-Support platform for SME farmers that contains e.g. AI-based algorithm for generating the optimal weather windows for spraying and fertilizing, soil sampling maps for efficient use of fertilizers, climate-change driven support for precision and regenerative agriculture to prevent soil degradation, and more.

Remote Symphony platform takes any project or idea and turns it into reality without limits—executing is as easy as booking an Uber! There are no project or resource constraints.

Only 20% of all projects succeed in most services industries. Yet, the talent and processes used for accomplishing such an abysmal success record are slow and expensive.

RS is an AI-powered, on-demand, project execution platform without limits. Whenever you need a project done, just define a task and expectations of success, and we’ll handle the rest

Remote Symphony offers benefits like Flexible/on-demand scaling, Success-oriented blackbox, AI-empowered global talent, Fractional pricing w/o lock-in, Continuous monitoring, Standardization of contracts, tiered resource pricing, project planning, and success management

The company performs human-like manipulation and/or quality control of components during manufacturing. Using advanced computer vision, AI and manipulation SANEZOO handles tasks that are typically performed by skilled human operators.

Sonai combines microphones, ECG and ultrasound into one easy-to-use device to remove subjectivity from heart examinations. Measurement can be done by nurse or doctor and gives a comprehensive picture of the heart’s condition. AI in the cloud allows for remote analysis and systematic patient follow-up.

THE SAFE STEPS is an online platform that delivers self-esteem, time management, emotional intelligence, problem solving and service to others skills to families with teens in their preparation for adult life. The focus of the platform is the learning and application of the skills essential to achieve success both personally and professionally. The B2B2C SaaS is available to both enterprise and individual clients for group and individual learning.

If any of these companies pique your interest and you would like an introduction regarding employment, advising, sales, or investment, please contact


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