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GSDLabs Portfolio Company Introduces Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Management Mentor, Aidan

Moticheck, an Estonian employee experience monitoring and management start-up, proudly unveils the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) management consultant and mentor, Aidan. Leveraging the power of AI, Aidan offers invaluable guidance to managers and HR professionals, revolutionizing the way management challenges are addressed.

According to Martin Rajasalu, CEO and co-founder of Moticheck, integrating AI into the realm of management is a natural progression in today's technology-driven world. "Artificial intelligence is already capable of writing presidential speeches and generating ads. Aidan, the world's exclusive AI-based management consultant and mentor, aims to support managers at all levels with personalized recommendations to enhance their work life and overcome challenges, available at their fingertips without the need for appointment bookings."

Rajasalu explains that managers can seek advice from Aidan by posing management-related queries. Aidan then analyzes team-specific satisfaction monitoring data and global best practices to provide recommendations. "For instance, if a manager observes a decline in employee motivation and performance, they can inquire about methods to boost the team's morale. Aidan synthesizes feedback from team members and management resources available online to generate informed responses."

Aidan has been tested primarily by customers in the Baltics and the Philippines, but there's a plan to expand globally. It currently converses in seven languages, responding to simple inquiries. The plan is to further expand Aidan's capabilities, ensuring a more comprehensive mentorship experience.

Rajasalu highlighted that the AI-based management mentor seamlessly complements Moticheck's primary product, a work life monitoring platform. This platform empowers organizations to obtain direct and continuous feedback from employees.

"Traditional annual satisfaction surveys offer limited utility to managers due to their time-sensitive nature. In today's hybrid work environment, where face-to-face interactions are less frequent, real-time responses yield significantly more effective results. Aidan offers managers a companion who can provide advice at the right moment, enabling meaningful conclusions and recommendations. Ultimately, the decision-making remains in the hands of the manager," admitted Rajasalu.


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