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"How Generative AI will Impact Global Corporations" - A New Book by Gary Fowler and Michael Engel

Introducing "How Generative AI will Impact Global Corporations: Unveiling the Future of Business," a groundbreaking book co-authored by Gary A. Fowler and Michael Engel. This transformative publication explores the power of generative AI, promising unparalleled innovation, efficiency, and growth for global corporations.

In this thought-provoking book, Fowler and Engel analyze the potential of generative AI to reshape modern business. They present a compelling vision for the future, illustrating how generative AI can revolutionize operations, decision-making, customer experience, and strategic planning.

While highlighting the immense possibilities, the authors emphasize the importance of responsible AI implementation and ethical navigation of the AI landscape. They provide insights for business leaders, AI practitioners, and all those interested in understanding the evolving work environments and successfully adapting to the changing terrain.

Gary A. Fowler, an esteemed AI expert, and Michael Engel, a seasoned business strategist, combine their expertise to create a seminal work that will shape the conversation on generative AI's impact on global corporations.

"Generative AI and Digital Employees: The Workforce of Tomorrow" is a crucial resource for navigating the exciting era of unprecedented innovation. It offers valuable insights for business leaders to harness generative AI effectively and steer its evolution responsibly.

"How Generative AI will Impact Global Corporations" is available for download below:

v2_How Generative AI will Impact Global Corporations
Download PDF • 1.17MB


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