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How to gain the perseverance to Go Global - Interview with Medina Islam

We had the privilege of interviewing Medina Islam, Hollywood actor and entrepreneur at the recent GoGlobal Meetup in Russia.

"I've known Medina for 15 years and it's an honor to have him speak from Hollywood in Russia." - Gary Fowler

Medina has partnered with GSD Venture Studios and is creating a $100 million fund to support AI technologies, with a specific focus on supporting Russian AI companies.

About Medina Islam

Actor, model, recording artist with over a decade of brand strategy and content development experience in music and television. Expertise includes acting, writing , producing and directing. Best known for his role as "Quincy" on Tyler Perry's "The Haves and The Have Nots” on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

  • Several years ago I decided to invest in tech companies. So I could better understand from the inside out, I became an advisor to revolutionary Russian AI gaming company, Ustario, as well as an advisor to blockchain real estate tech company Propy.

  • Currently, I am creating a 100 million-dollar global AI fund, with a specific focus on Russian AI companies that want to go global.

  • I have partnered with GSD Venture Studios, one of the premier Venture Studios that have founders with successful track records.

"Medina's advice and support he provided on grit and being bold is invaluable for entrepreneurs trying to go global." - Derek Distenfield

In this video, Medina discusses what it takes to GoGlobal.

Watch Interview:

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Mohammed Basha
Mohammed Basha
21 juin 2023

Nice share. To Know more about Islam visit our website :

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