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How to Sharpen Your Skills For the Future of Work

The future of work is here—are your skills up-to-date? Specifically, your coding skills. It’s no secret that the future of work is both remote and wholly reliant on tech. Knowing how to code will greatly increase your chances to get ahead.

This article will highlight how you can sharpen your coding skills so that you can succeed in the new future of work.

What is Coding Used For?

Before you learn how to code, you first need to know what coding is used for in today’s world. Coding is used to program all sorts of tools that we use every day. Everything from websites to business software, video games, database management, and IT security—all of it requires coding.

You likely use the work of skilled programmers every day. Every time you send an email, check your Facebook, or enter your crest card information when shopping online, you are benefiting from programming. Whether it's for entertainment or business purposes, or just to safeguard your personal information, it is built through coding.

Coding Bootcamps: the Future of Tech Education

Earning a two to four-year university degree in a tech subject like information technology or software engineering used to be the normal requirement for breaking into a career in the tech industry. That has changed in recent years. The tech industry as a whole has backed away from requiring traditional tech education degrees, opting instead to hire teachable candidates with previous programming experience.

The best—and fastest—way to gain programming experience is through coding bootcamps. If tech and remote-based is the future of work, then coding bootcamps are the future of tech education. A traditional university degree can cost the same as a new house, and can take up to five years to complete. Even if you opt for a two-year degree through a trade school, you are still signing on for a large amount of student loan debt, without an assurance that you will actually get a job based on your degree.

Coding bootcamps operate differently. They offer students practical, hands-on experience instead of requiring students to take a large amount of classes that are based on theory. They teach strictly the necessary programming skills, and leave out the rest. The result? Highly qualified programmers who are ready for a career in the tech industry. Most graduates finish their program in just 2 - 4 months.

Coding bootcamp financing

Coding bootcamps still charge a tuition, but they also offer an alternative student loan option through an income-sharing agreement, also known as an ISA. Coding schools like Sabio have reverse engineered the traditional student loan.

A traditional tech education degree will leave you tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and you might not even be able to get a job with your degree. Student loans are impossible to get rid of, and they start accruing interest and expecting payment as soon as you graduate, regardless of whether you have been able to get a job or not.

An ISA is an alternative to the madness of the student debt crisis in the US. An ISA will provide you with tuition coverage, and a living stipend if needed, but repayment won’t start until after you have landed your first programming job. Then, your monthly repayment installments will be based around your salary, not just a flat rate. This will allow you to pay off your ISA loan in a timely manner, and at a rate that still allows you to enjoy your new standard of living.

Most coding schools can have career liaison on campus, as well as connections with local tech companies who are looking for qualified, fresh talent. This helps coding schools place their graduates in programming positions. An ISA loan is repaid only when the graduate finds a job, and the repayment rate is based around the graduate’s new salary, so it is in the coding school’s best interest to make sure that their graduates are not only prepared for a career as a programmer, but that they can actually start that career as soon as they graduate.


The future of work is here. Make sure your coding skills are up-to-date by enrolling in a coding bootcamp today. They are the best and fastest way to learn how to code, and knowing how to code will help you get ahead in the future of work.

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