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Introducing "GSD Guide for Startup Funding from Seed to Series C" by Gary A. Fowler

GSD Venture Studios is proud to announce the release of "GSD Guide for Startup Funding from Seed to Series C," an authoritative and comprehensive resource written by Gary A. Fowler, an industry expert and the visionary behind GSD Venture Studios.

Securing funding for startups is a complex and multi-faceted process that demands a deep understanding of the stages involved, from the initial Seed funding all the way to Series C. With this book, entrepreneurs will gain invaluable insights and practical advice on navigating each stage, maximizing their chances of securing investment and ensuring long-term success.

Gary A. Fowler, an accomplished entrepreneur and expert, brings his wealth of experience to this guide. As the CEO of GSD Venture Studios, he has played a vital role in supporting startups globally. Through this book, he shares his expertise to help entrepreneurs grow, succeed, and create impactful innovations.

"GSD Guide for Startup Funding from Seed to Series C" is now available, inviting all entrepreneurs and startups to embark on this transformative journey. Unlock your startup's full potential with the comprehensive knowledge within these pages.

To download:

v1_GSD Guide for Startup Funding from Seed to Series C
Download PDF • 620KB

About the Author: Gary Fowler (Gary Fowler, President, CEO and Founder, GSD Venture Studios) is a renowned expert in artificial intelligence and the future of work, bringing deep insights and expertise to this groundbreaking subject.

Gary is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and investor with 17 companies, two Unicorns and a successful IPO. Gary was on the original management team of ClickSoftware that was sold to SalesForce for 1.35 billion, and was the co-founder at the award-winning AI company, that was acquired by Visier. He has over 30 years of experience and is the CEO, President and Founder of GSD Venture Studios, a Silicon Valley-based Family Office, Venture Studio, and Hyper-Accelerator with 127 companies from 55 countries in the portfolio. Gary was recently named one of the most innovative global leaders in 2023, and is an international speaker, an author with extensive contributions to the field, including a book “Artificial Imagination: How GenerativeTransformers Like ChatGPT Pivoted Every Possibility” and over 190 articles.


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