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Leading Elder-care expert joins GSD portfolio company Zemplee Board

Zemplee, a technology platform that utilizes attentive AI and passive sensors to help the elderly age in place gracefully, announced today that Seema Verma, the longest-serving administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in modern history, has joined the company’s Board of directors as an Advisory Board Member. Her background in health care and technology will bolster the company’s transformational remote elderly care system offerings.

“Seema is a healthcare expert and industry leader who has led the conversation around the use of technology to improve health care standards and increase access to quality healthcare,” said Aparna Pujar, CEO and Founder of Zemplee. “We are confident that in her role, she will help us further advance our company’s goal to transform elderly care through technology. Her vast experience in health care policy and commitment to ensuring Americans, especially vulnerable populations, have access to quality healthcare perfectly aligns with our mission.”

Zemplee’s healthcare technology platform is revolutionizing elderly care through its AI technology and a passive sensor system. The system is currently being deployed across the country in senior communities and assisted living facilities where it provides round-the-clock remote monitoring capabilities for family and professional caregivers, giving them peace of mind and reducing hospitalizations without compromising privacy.

Verma is a national health policy expert with more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry. As Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, she oversaw a budget of $1.3 trillion and managed health insurance programs for over 140 million Americans. Under Seema’s leadership, CMS set out to transform the American healthcare system by lowering costs, improving quality, and increasing access.

She also served on the White House COVID-19 Task Force and led efforts to increase telehealth and remote care across the healthcare system and creating the Hospital at Home initiative. while creating flexibility for health providers to augment the health care workforce, expand services and testing, and ensure access to vaccines and therapeutics.

“Zemplee is changing how we perceive elderly care. Through its innovative use of technology, the company is revolutionizing the way care is delivered and providing families, caregivers, and the elderly with the necessary tools to stay independent longer and improving quality of life,” said Verma. “I am excited to join Zemplee and look forward to working to help advance the company’s groundbreaking mission.”

Before CMS, Verma was the founder and CEO of a health policy consulting firm helping states and private industry on a range of healthcare issues. Verma received her BS in life sciences from the University of Maryland and her Master of Public Health (MPH) in health policy and management from Johns Hopkins University.

About Zemplee

Zemplee is a technology platform that utilizes Attentive AI and passive sensors to help the elderly age in place gracefully, with round-the-clock remote monitoring capabilities for caregivers that improves quality of life and reduces hospitalizations without comprising privacy. Co-founders Aparna Pujar and Gary Fowler combined decades of experience in Silicon Valley hi-tech companies and clinical care to develop the artificial intelligence applications and unobtrusive sensors that power Zemplee’s innovative remote elderly care system.

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