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Learning EdTech Developments in 2022

Technology has always provided learning opportunities for students. It makes learning personalized and accessible for them. With the pandemic, students were introduced to distance learning, making it almost imperative for them and teachers to adopt digital trends.

Online degrees are now a thing, project management tools helped students stay on track, and connectivity became the norm. Therefore, we can say that technology is on our side, considering all the learning opportunities it brings. Today, we will explore some of the top educational trends in 2022.

Could Computing

Even though we had been using cloud technology and big data in the past, its use was accelerated during the pandemic. Cloud computing offers a couple of benefits to students, including reduced costs and resources from printing and paper.

Cloud technology provides a collaborative environment regardless of the students’ location and easy access to multiple sources of information. This reduces research time so students can concentrate on more relevant activities.


While e-learning isn’t for everyone, it can really improve some students’ productivity. Some students feel more motivated when studying from the comfort of their homes. E-learning encourages self-motivation research and provides management skills. Another benefit of e-learning is access.

Distance learning was already available in the past, but we now have so many tools at our disposal to learn without much complication. Online bootcamps, courses, and even internships can help us gain new skills without leaving our homes. This opens a large pool of knowledge that is personalized and accessible for everyone.


Gamification is the use of games for learning purposes. While many people think games are a distraction, others know their value to our cognitive level. Learning while playing has a lot of benefits. Students feel more motivated to study, improve their memory, creativity, analytical skills, and resilience. A great example of this is GSD company Fun1st.

Immersive Learning

Would you like to learn about prehistoric animals while being transported back in time? Or how about studying the Eiffel Tower while seeing how it was built for yourself? We're not talking about time machines because they don't exist yet. However, there is a technology that can assist with this. Virtual and augmented reality could allow students to use their audiovisual senses to experience new situations.

The aerospace company, Lockheed Martin created a similar experience with their “Field Trip to Mars”. Many people think that VR headsets isolate you, making the learning experience less collaborative. Folks at Lockheed Martin knew that, so they wanted to make it different.

They built a bus inspired by VR technology where the windows reflected the view on mars. The experience was complete with the movement of the bus. Whenever the bus turned directions, it was doing it on the mars simulation too. This makes the learning experience more collaborative, while children point out things and chat with each other about the trip.

There are so many other trends like this one that use either VR or AR technology to help students learn at a whole different level. This technology movement is called immersive learning.

More STEAM Relevancy

In the past, we used to talk about STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. It consists of a particular skill set that teachers should encourage students to learn. Today, arts is included as one of those skills.

In 2022, STEAM will have more relevancy as some of the most in-demand jobs are focused on those industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professions like software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity specialists will grow faster than average in the next decade.

Reduced Distractions

Technology can also help students reduce distractions while studying. There’s nothing worse than procrastination to reduce our productivity. That’s why there are tools like Cold Turkey and Noisli that will help you limit your distractions. The first one will block specific notifications on your phone, while Noisli creates white noise to block out any other sound that could distract you.

In Summary

Technology is far from being our enemy when it comes to education. It provides us with open doors and opportunities to learn at our own pace and style. Some of the most relevant trends we’ll have in the next decade include immersive learning, e-learning, cloud computing, and more.

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