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Meet the GSD Network events in the Updated Format

In 2023, GSD Venture Studios is launching the updated version of GSD Network events in the Fireside Chat format. At the flagship event on Jan 5, we'll be talking to David Yang, who is widely regarded as the startup guru of Silicon Valley and Founder at ABBYY – world-leading developer of AI, Content Intelligence, Text Analytics.

Without ties and pitch decks, we’ll ask David about his latest innovation – Morfeus AI, which works as a "butler" in his house in Silicon Valley. How David’s robotic dog reacts to a new neighbor, and what to do if your home AI is in a bad mood and does not let you into your own house.

Speakers also won’t miss the opportunity to discuss ChatGPT, which made a splash in the last days of 2022.

The event will be moderated by Gary Fowler, Founder of GSD Venture Studios, co-hosted by guest Daniel Kottke, one of the original Apple team members.

Only participants and alumni of the GSD Hyper Accelerator will be able to join the meeting online. To find a link to a recorded show, subscribe to our youtube chanel.

About Speakers


David Yang, Ph.D., Principal at Visier, Founder at ABBYY, Co-founder, member of Band of Angels. Top 100 HR Influencers of 2021 according to, founded 12 companies.

He is a globally recognized thought leader, speaker, and advisor in the areas of AI, Neural Networks, People Analytics, 360 surveys, Peer-to-peer Continuous Listening, Organisation Network Analytics (ONA), HR metrics, workforce analytics, performance management, and Organizational Change. His latest development Morfeus AI, the first emotional artificial intelligence, is being tested at his own house.


Gary Fowler is the founder, CEO, and president of GSD Venture Studios. He co-founded several successful accelerators, where more than 30% of the firms succeeded. Gary has received a variety of accolades and has recently been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential AI Executives” by Analytics Insight and one of the “Top Transformational Business Leaders” by Industry Wired Magazine.


Daniel Kottke was a close friend of Steve Jobs at Reed College and was the first employee of Apple, building & testing Apple-1’s in the Jobs’ garage in 1976. He was at Apple 8 years, as a technician on the Apple-II, Apple-III and a co-designer of the Macintosh 1981-4. Since then, he has been involved in a dozen startups, and in recent years has focused on smarthome integration for co-living/eldercare markets.


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