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Portfolio Company of GSDLabs’ Setka Acquired By Tiny

GSD Venture Studios is excited to announce Setka, a visual building technology, and a 2020 GSDLabs participant, has recently merged with Tiny, a venture-backed software company.

The Setka Editor, which has professional design, layout, and animation tools for creating compelling, engaging content, can quickly be built, deployed, and shared without the need for code or developer time. Businesses in today’s world are competing in a landscape where they need to be building better and more engaging content which holds their audience's attention, and Setka helps them do this.

“There is a great synergy between Setka and Tiny, and we can’t wait to see the undeniable success they will achieve in the future” - Gary Fowler

Setka was a star participant in the 2020 cohort of GSDLabs Accelerator and quickly climbed its way to the top ranking #1 by G2 Crowd in editor software for best support, ease of use, and leadership.

I look forward to seeing what Setka and Tiny achieve together and the rapid growth that is on the horizon for these two innovative technology companies” - Derek Distenfield

The Setka team joins the remote-first Tiny team, located worldwide – from New York to San Francisco, Brisbane to Melbourne, and Madrid to Minsk. Tiny’s star product, TinyMCE, is the leading open source rich text editor component. With only a few lines of code, developers can integrate a word processor-style editor effortlessly with their applications.

”Setka helps content teams collaborate and grow their business by elevating content. Our merger with Tiny will bring together top-notch rich text editing without the need for coding to create a truly unique solution that scales across all organizational departments.” - Kate Bazilevskaya, CEO and Co-founder at

According to Tiny, there is a huge developer demand for rich text editing components; they were downloaded 106 million times from NPM in the past 12 months — up 53% year-on-year. Andrew Roberts, CEO of Tiny, said “With Setka, we can now serve professional content creators and designers who want more advanced options.”

About Setka:

Setka enables brands and publishers to create engaging, interactive content that loads quickly with no coding.

More information about Setka can be found here.

About Tiny:

The makers of TinyMCE, the most advanced WYSIWYG HTML editor, designed to simplify website content creation, and other great developer tools. Our team works to bring content creation tools to the globe through open-source initiatives.

More information about Tiny can be found here.


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