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TEDx - Startups: Unleashing Human Potential

GSD Venture Studios CEO and Co-founder Gary Fowler recently captivated the TEDxAAS audience with a proven paradigm that significantly impacts a startup's success.

"Most venture capital companies underperform or fail. Most startup accelerators use the "spray and pray" approach and also fail. Why would developing countries copy outdated paradigms?" Gary asked the crowd.

"Gary's fearlessness in rejecting outdated ways of doing things is what drew me to him in the first place," said GSD Venture Studios COO and Co-founder Derek Distenfield. "He is one of the best there is at thinking outside the box and bolding investing in new ideas and methodologies. It's what makes him such an asset to GSD and to our portfolio companies."

GSD Venture Studios travels the world inviting resilient teams to establish partnerships that ensure organizations grow the right way, without games or gimmicks. Unlike traditional investors, GSD executives take senior operational (often co-founder) roles in these companies, capitalizing on their trusted reputation, experiences and network to drive explosive growth.

Watch Gary Fowler's Tedx Talk below or click here


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