US Insider Calls GSD Partner Derek a top entrepreneur to watch out for in 2021

2020 is now over. We’re entering a door where a new year awaits, and with it come new opportunities, new possibilities, and new challenges. True, the pandemic has crippled many business owners across the world, but there are many who’ve adjusted and stayed afloat amid this hurdle. They are the ones we need to watch out for this year—businessmen and women who have braved all odds and flexibly maneuvered the abruptly changing landscape of the commercial world. Here are the top 10 entrepreneurs who are sure to capture the public eye in 2021:

Derek Distenfield is the operational mastermind behind GSD Venture Studios and GSD Labs.

He is also a keynote speaker, start-up mentor as well as a columnist for Forbes magazine. GSD Venture Studios builds innovative Artificial Intelligence companies that are pushing boundaries on how emerging technologies are being built and utilized. GSD portfolio companies have achieved $2 million run rates to $100 million from work-tech to aging in place. GSD is expanding rapidly while capturing top talent to help companies #GoGlobal. GSD Labs is an accelerator focused on helping international companies secure funding and expand in the United States and beyond.

Instagram: @ddistenfield

LinkedIn: Derek Distenfield

Twitter: @dDistenfield


Originally published in USInsider