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Venture Capital Action Plan

The Venture Capital Action Plan (VCAP) is a policy initiative aimed at supporting and growing the venture capital industry in Canada. It was launched by the Canadian government in 2013 and includes a range of measures designed to promote investment in high-growth companies, particularly in sectors such as technology and innovation. The VCAP includes several key components, such as the creation of a new venture capital fund of funds, which provides capital to existing venture capital firms, and the establishment of new funds to support early-stage companies. The plan also includes tax incentives for individuals and corporations who invest in venture capital, as well as measures to improve access to government research and development programs. The overall goal of the VCAP is to help Canadian startups and high-growth companies access the capital they need to grow and succeed in global markets. By strengthening the venture capital industry in Canada, the government hopes to support innovation and job creation, as well as build a stronger, more competitive economy.

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