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GSD Venture Studios in 2022

2022 comes to an end – but as the year is wrapping up, #GSD Venture Studios (GSDVS), a Silicon Valley-based leading venture studio, is only getting started on its journey to taking the best entrepreneurial ideas global.

In 2022 alone, GSDVS had 6 cohorts graduate from their program – a total of 77 companies spanning a variety of verticals including (but not limited to) #Artificial Intelligence, Future Of #Work, #Blockchain/#Web3, #MedTech/#HealthTech, #Logistics, #ESG, #Hardware, #Mobility, #Ed-Tech, #AR/#VR, #Fintech, #Social #Media, and the #Metaverse.

The venture studio’s portfolio of companies draws from a wide range of countries on a global scale. The roster of places of origin for the companies on their journey to global success includes South #Africa, #Switzerland, #USA, #Poland, #Czech Republic, #UK, #Hungary, #Singapore, #India, #Germany, #Finland, #France, #Nigeria, #Canada, #Spain, #Kenya, #Belgium, #Latvia, #Ukraine, #Luxembourg, #Estonia, #Netherlands, #Rwanda, #Australia, #Japan, and #Israel.

In total, the graduating undertakings have raised over $60 million to secure a successful future in the global arena.

#GSDVS and the CEO and Founder of the studio, Gary #Fowler, have established a strong digital presence, gaining fast momentum in the VC and tech community. Over the past year, Gary Fowler’s GSD Presents show (Silicon Valley AI & Tech) aired 105 episodes, while the GSD Network hosted over 12 events over the course of 2022.

In November, GSDVS launched the latest version of GSD Presents on their proprietary platform with a new slogan, "You Have An Idea, we Take It Global", where Fowler explores ideas to go global and how to turn any idea into a global success with his guests. The inaugural show features one of the original Apple team members, Daniel Kottke.

Fowler also launched Gary's Picks, an exclusive show with 20 episodes hosted in tandem with VC Taskforce, an organization committed to enhancing collaboration in the venture community. The show features topics spanning visionary thinking, uncensored questions and opinionated discussions around pressing issues that face members are hallmarks of events. Today, more than 20,000 members and participants have been actively involved in VC Taskforce.

In September, GSDVS launched a series of webinars together with the Israeli Export Institute – “How To Go #Global”. The series of #GoGlobal webinars provides exclusive access for Israeli companies and startups to the U.S. and international mentorship, knowledge, networks and connections. GSDVS’s efforts in the media space aim to defy the widely accepted statistic that 90% of startups fail by providing better access to trade secrets that can help drive success in an oversaturated space of entrepreneurs and ideas.

In October, GSDVS launched a new Silicon Valley show for entrepreneurs – “How To Build A Unicorn.” The conversations in the show feature learnings and discussions from the experiences of seasoned, successful entrepreneurs from around the world. Within the show, the speakers discuss valuable questions such as how to build a successful team, how the digital transformation has impacted going global, how you can find the right advisors and investors, what the key characteristics of successful startup entrepreneurs are, what the keys to successful company building are, and what some of the pitfalls of building a startup could be to look out for.

As the founder and CEO of GSD Venture Studios, Gary Fowler has appeared as an honorable speaker at such key conferences and events as the #Startup World Cup Summit (October 6th) together with Steve #Wozniak; the South Summit (June 8-10) and the #World #Summit #AI (October 12-13).

Fowler and GSD Venture Studios have also made extensive appearance in the press. Fowler was featured in the cover story for CIO TODAY in February 2022 as “The Most High-Impact Leaders Making a Difference in 2022.” As one of Fowler’s co-founded AI companies,, was acquired by Visier, Gary’s most recent success exit story received wide coverage by CEOWeekly.

One of the #GSDLabs portfolio companies, Xoxoday, received coverage for its success story of getting $30 Million in #funding to reinvent incentives & rewards. Additionally, in an effort to provide easier access to investors for its portfolio companies, GSDVS launched a partnership with Wefunder – a platform that allows founders to raise capital from their community, enabling every one to invest as little as $100 in ideas and startups they align with.


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